Ph Solutions Max Kitchell

Milk Of magnesium

Cloudy and thin

Ph: 9 Acid

Vanilla Extract

Brown, Thin

Ph: 3 Acid


Red, Thick

Ph:6 Acid

Vaseline Hand Lotion

White, thick

Ph:6 Acid

taco Bell Hot Sauce

Brown thick

Ph:6 Acid

Pine sol

Purple, thin

Ph:10 Base

School Glue

White , thick

Ph:5 Acid

Resolve Carpet Cleaner

Clear Smooth Clear

Ph:6 Acid

AquaSafe Plus

Clear, Smooth

Ph:9 base

Barbecue sauce

Thick Brown

Ph:6 Acid

Apple cider Vinegar

Thin, Yellow

Ph:2 Acid

Baking Powder

cloudy, thick, Powder, White

Ph:8 Base

Chocolate Milk

Thin, Brown

Ph:7 Neutral

Hummingbird Nectar

Thin, Red

Ph:2 acid

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