february 2018

Volume 3, Number 2

Jeffry Booher, Editor In Chief

In photography, the smallest thing can be a great subject. The little, human detail can become a Leitmotiv—Henri Cartier-Bresson


Jeffry Booher

we the people

This month I want to focus on one of the three pillars of the organization—you.

When I joined the club, 4 1/2 years ago, we had about 15 members but the number of official members was somewhat difficult to measure because the club had no official roster. Member Rolls were commingled along with Friends of the Club and the list of paying members was just tribal knowledge held by a few members of the club. The task of sorting out who was a paying member and who was a visitor was just too great a challenge and the job of the Recruit Chair was not for the faint of heart.

While 15 members was a nice round number, we had only 7 or 8 members who came regularly to meetings. Compared to Poly, the club was dying so I made a conscience decision to build on our dwindling membership by revving up the club’s recruiting program. Quite honestly, I implemented a recruiting program where one failed to exist.

My favorite tool in my recruiting toolbox was to infiltrate Meetup groups and other clubs to sell Darkroomers memberships to prospective members. I also opened our doors to quarterly competitions, certain workshops and presentations. The invitations, along with increased marketing, helped to boost our membership from 15 to 49 in just a few years.

Why do I bring this up? This year we find ourself well below the fair watermark. The club depends on a roster of 49 members to pay our bills. Expenses like running a website, judging and speaker fees, awards and engraving, banquet costs and other miscellaneous expenses require us to bring in dues from 49 members in order to cover those costs and we are shy of our goal of 49 members for the year.

Call to arms

For the next 3 months, I want each of you to talk about Darkroomers to three of your friends, fellow photographers, colleagues, neighbors, family members, and classmates—anyone who you think might get some value from Darkroomers. Invite them to a meeting and introduce them to the staff.

If we each talk to three people we can get the club back to 49 members in a few months

● ● ●

And the winner is...

The Beat Goes On by Osia Strasner

2017 was the first time in recent history that Darkroomers has offered a Documentary category in its year end competition and Osia embraced it with great fervor—bringing home the top three awards in the category but it was the emotional component of her image, The Beat Goes On, that helped her grab the coveted Best in Show. Congratulations Osia!

● ● ●

a day Remembered

The day of competition was not without its usual hiccups, crying, yelling and screaming but we powered though and the judges judged some ninety-two images in eight categories.

Thanks to our judges who suffered through a gruelling day of jurying images and technical difficulties. A special thanks goes out to those Darkroomers who helped run the competition.

Scores and Highlights from this years competition

● ● ●

red banquetta

Those of you who missed the bus to the banquet, missed out on a whole lot of fun, food and laughter. Especial the laughter. It was the most fun we've had at a banquet since the first Darkroomer came out of the Darkroom.

The club gave away hundreds of dollars in merchandise and handed out several awards. So, next year, you have reason to come even if you do not win anything. The Darkroomers Year End Banquet is a celebration of Darkroomers not just for those who won so you should all be proud and celebrate the year together.


● ● ●

program news

The Program Planning Commission met to finalize the trip details for our first overnight trip of 2018. If you have yet to book your hotel for Death Valley, now is the time to do so. We are not releasing many details about the trip until we get closer to the date but we are asking that we keep this to Darkroomers only. The last few trips we have taken have seen too many non-members who are essentially going on the trip for free and that has drawn complaints from those who pay to be in the club.

Visitors, with the exception of spouses or immediate family, will not be allowed on any Darkroomers overnight trips unless otherwise stated

The club's volunteers put a lot of time and effort into organizing and planning the trips that the club takes and the club thanks them but they do it for the club and its members not the general public. Darkroomers relies on members' dues to pay its bills and trips are a benefit that we provide to members only. So, if you want to bring someone on the trip who isn't a member, get their membership dues first!

● ● ●

Dana Levine

Our program for February is an in depth look at Street Photography by Brooklyn native, Dana Levine.

Dana spent her professional years as a science educator in the New York metropolitan area but she retired to San Diego where she became an artist, photographer, and art lecturer.

Dana drew much of her inspiration from her cousin and San Diego resident photojournalist, Arthur Lavine, whom she met after retiring in San Diego. Collectively, their photojournalistic work spans several decades but they have a remarkably similar style.

Dana's contemporary street photographs have been featured in galleries around the world. The subject matter, compositional elements, and emotional content help us see life in a different way and we are excited to have Dana come present her work and talk about the history and techniques of Street Photography.

The works of Dana Levine and, her cousin, Arthur Lavine

● ● ●

door mat

Don't forget that our annual Weekend Workshop Series: Matting and Mounting is Saturday, February 10th from 9a-noon. We are still looking for people who are interested in leading the workshop. If you are interested, contact Jeff.

This is a Darkroomers Only event; No Guest Passes Please

Two lucky Darkroomers will receive a mat cutter to take home with them! Or one lucky Darkroomer will receive 2 mat cutters... Who knows? You have to play to win!

● ● ●

To be fair

Our March Program will feature Gene Wild and Lois Fong-Sakai from the San Diego County Fair. Gene and Lois are going to be talking about what's new this year and answering any questions you might have about entering your work for competition. If you are new to San Diego or new to competitive exhibits then you should check this out.

This will be a well attended event as we will be offering this event though our social media partners

● ● ●

club news

The club is looking for volunteers to help out with programs and the newsletter. Contact Jeff if you are up to the challenge.

● ● ●

Junk Drawer

The Cabinet in the Kitchen is filled with Light Stands, Backdrop Stands, backdrops and a bunch of miscellaneous photography equipment. At the February 21st Meeting, we will be holding a Silent Auction where Darkroomers can bid for items individually in the Cabinet. All proceeds will go to the Darkroomers General Fund and will help cover the cost of the banquet and other expenses on so bring your checkbooks. Hit the ATM. We need the money.

● ● ●


Our Parent Organization, The Southern California Association of Camera Clubs, is looking for 2 volunteers to help run the organization.

  1. Vice President, Director of Building Operations. This highly coveted position helps with running the building. Think of it like your high-school janitor.
  2. Secretary. The Secretary is a very simple role. You send out an email every other month with the minutes that the President sends you. It's really not that difficult.

Both roles require that you attend a bi-monthly meeting that lasts about 2 hours on the first Tuesday of the odd numbered months (January, March, etc...); but each of these roles is a voting member on the Board of Directors who decide what gets done to the building, what the organization does with the dues it collects and how the building will be utilized.

Darkroomers needs to hold more seats on the Board of Directors so it is in the club's best interest to send delegates to hold on to the resources that we need to run the club (galleries, closet space, galleries, etc...); Each year we lose the battle little by little and lose a little bit of our exclusive rights to the building because we have no too few voices at the table to fight for our interests so help keep the club and our priorities alive by volunteering.

● ● ●

The Southern California Association of Camera Clubs is sponsoring an exhibition at Liberty Station that will feature the works of Darkroomers as well as other local photographers who have works that portray people having fun in a California State Park.

For more information or to have your work entered contact Mary Anderson.

● ● ●


Mule Bender by Jeff Booher

The first Quarterly Competition for 2018 is scheduled to be held April 4th and the theme for the competition is A Stranger's Portrait. We may not run into any interesting folks in Death Valley but you will have plenty of time to find strangers to photograph and there is no better place in America to find interesting strangers than San Diego.

All photos must be taken during the quarter which means between January 1st and March 31st.

● ● ●


Anita Brynolf

Our judge for February is Anita Brynolf. Anita is a local artist, photographer and former educator and we welcome her to the Darkroom!

● ● ●

● ● ●

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Jeff Booher, Osia Strasner, Michael Fairbanks

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