Around the World in 8 Days A look at religion

Day 1: December 8, 2016- The first area I decided to visit was Israel. While this holds significance to many religions, I wanted to look at one in particular. It is the Dome of the Rock. This is not a Masque but more of a shrine for the Muslim religion. It is considered the third most holy place by Muslims. And boy does it look awesome. The dome was led until the 60's because they replaced it with a gold colored covering. It was redone again in 1993. The artwork on the dome is very impressive because it works with the circular shape. Take a look for your self!

Day 1: Part 2: Since I am in Israel I decided to go to the Wailing Wall as well. This holds a significant value to the Jewish religion. It was supposed to be an extension of a second Jewish Temple, but it was never finished. Although it is just a wall, you can still feel the power that it radiates and the hard work that went in to making the Wailing Wall.

Day 2: December 9, 2016: Today is a travel day. Now I know what you are thinking, why don't you just stay in Israel? Well, it is because I am supposed to be traveling to different places around the world. There are many more places I am going to go, so don't go anywhere.

Day 3: December 10, 2016: Wow... this place is amazing. I thought Dome of the Rock was cool, but this place is something special. This Hindu temple in Tamil Nadu, India is the oldest structure in Kanchipuram, which was built in 1018 AD! It is amazing how something could last that long, especially in a country with over a billion people.

Day 4: December 11: Today is another travel day. I think I might have to take a day off to rest. All of this hiking, picture taking, and traveling takes a toll on the body and mind. But my next stop is in Ethiopia, and if you can guess where I am going then I will give you a free trip to nowhere. But the sight is beautiful from India to Ethiopia.

Day 5: December 12, 2016: You guessed it! Right now I am at the Rock-Hewn Church of lilibela. As you can tell from the cross on top, it is a Christian Church. It is amazing how it is carved out of one solid peace of granite. It is in the ground, but there are stairs that lead down to the bottom. My favorite is the top. It has a very eye-catching design of a cross that just blows my mind! Check it OUT!!!

Day 6: December 13: You know that rest day I was talking about? Well this is the day. I am so tired from all of the traveling and walking I have done. It is also really hot! In the U.S. we would be wearing coats right now. They are wearing shorts and whatever they have as a shirt. But it is still awesome that I get to go all over the Eastern Hemisphere. I'll let you know tomorrow where we are going next

Day 7: December 14, 2016: This is the last travel day, and let me just say it has been AMAZING! I have seen so many different cultures and places, it blows my mind how diverse some places are. Well, the last place we are going to visit is Wat Arun Temple in Thailand. Once again, it is a breath taking view of the Indian Ocean. Well, I'll see you in Thailand!

Day 8: December 15, 2016: Well this is it! We are at the Wat Arun Temple in Thailand. It is one of the many places that the Buddhist worship. It is very beautiful. But one of the more noticeable features is its height. The main tower is 79 meters high, and it also has a sophisticated design all throughout the building. Although it is very old and wearing down, you can see the beauty and hard work that went into making this amazing temple.


Created with images by dany13 - "DSC00035/Brazil/Rio de Janeiro/Christ The Redeemer" • Northfielder - "'The Dome' designed by Michelangelo" • pracucci - "Moschea di Omar (Dome of the Rock) - Gerusalemme" • tands land - "Jerusalem - Wailing Wall (4)" • 777jew - "siddur prayer faith" • dee_isabella - "Wailing wall, Jerusalem" • kevinthomas - "vellore temple ancient" • manbartlett - "untitled image" • jyotipandalai - "thanjavur india temple" • flowcomm - "Maldives islands, Indian Ocean" • A.Davey - "Entrance to the Church of Bet Giorgis" • Shaun D Metcalfe - "looking down at bet giyorgis" • Shaun D Metcalfe - "Roof of Bet Giyorgis" • jmgold - "The Bed" • Chi King - "Koh Samui (THAILAND/LANDSCAPE) II" • Kumaravel - "Happy World Photography Day" • nyanchew - "Wat Arun Temple of the Dawn" • lhirlimann - "Wat Arun by night, in bangkok Thailand"

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