Dyad Seminar Reality Creation

Brewster Chiseling said: "Invention in the arts and the thought is a part of the invention of life....it is a single process."

Clark Gable and Vivian Leigh said "The intimate bond has been a dynamic in which two people, as halve, together formed a creative whole."

C.G Jung said "In the deepest sense we all dream not out of ourselves, but out of what lies between us and the other person."

These three ideas represent the impact of the Dyad Seminar. This Seminar is designed for couples of all kinds. It is a week long intensive held in our Puerto Vallarta Facilities. The Seminar is limited to six couples. There is ample time to explore Puerto Vallarta's arts galleries, shops and devoted to a cruise on the bay with lunch on the beach taking place more than once. Music for breakfast is a must. Nit the impact of the study material is what gives a Dyad years of life and a deep understanding of the difference between then to be celebrated. As Erich Jantsch said, "The crucial question of communication's mechanisms at work within the human systems seems t lead to the recognition of the resonance as perhaps the most importan basic principle involved." The Dyad Seminar augments that crucial element and the Dyad may find for the first time the actual reason they chose each other form the very beginning.


Taken by Vanessa Worthington in Puerto Vallarta,Jalisco

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