Ip Man master of wing chun

Kim Wing-Chun - First Master of Wing Chun. Born 1938 in China.

Ip man when he was young met Leung Bik who taught him more about Wing Chun. It was a hard lesson for Ip Man who took a beating from an old man. But it served as the foundation for Wing Chun

Wing Chun is a martial arts fighting style created by Yim Wing Chun. She learned the Fujian Shaolin arts from her father, and created a new style after being inspired by a fight between a snake and a crane. This fighting style uses mostly hands for defense and offense, but it also incorporates kicks and blocks. The main strategy is to maintain your balance by focusing on not crossing the central line of your opponent.

Ip Man was training for Wing Chun at the age of 13 by teacher Chan Wah Sun who was also taught by Leung Jan

The Wing Chun dummy is one of the most common used tools for training. Bruce Lee is one of the most recognized students of Ip Man.

Ip Man was a humble man and was willing to share his skills and knowledge with other masters of different martial arts

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