Important discovery Made By Local Student WEI. a student in uhs

Xxx School - The important discovery is made by two students of Xxx School. The new discovery is about a kind of extinction plants is found by Sandra and Icey.

"I can't believe it" said one of the girl " it's like dreaming."
The extinction plants the girls has found

When they have actually find the planet, they don't believe it. but a famous botanist has come to helping them identify and try to sampling the DNA from it, the botanist has found other kind of extinction plants, and compose a book that other botanist always reference from it, but this time he has no idea what it is.

" I have no idea what kind of plants it is" said the botanist "It doesn't seem like any kind of plant that we have found and study before."
The plants that botanist has found

After huge information research, numerous DNA Sampling and comparison, scientists and botanists has confirm the extinction plants that girls has found is relating to lycopodiophyta Isoetopsida, it live in 18 century, near Atlantic Ocean.In 1934, this kind of plant has disappeared.

Scientists and botanists think this discovery is over era, they claim that this discovery can help them capture the important information of human's DNA.

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Wei Wang


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