MAMA TRIED Motorcycle show 2016

My friend Ken and I arrived at the show venue (a large multi-story one time industrial manufacturing building) via the the shuttle bus from the Harley Davidson Museum, a nice touch from the people at H-D. Parking is much better there than here, so leave the car at the Museum.

On arrival the first thing you notice is the impressive line to get in! About half a block. We got there mid-afternoon but I doubt that the line is shorter earlier in the day and probably only gets longer later in the day. So a bit of quick thinking on my part got us into the out door as it opens and I may or may not have said "Magazine" and held up my camera as we quickly trotted past the security guards that were eyeballing us with some suspicion. At any rate, we were in!

The event has the feel of an Art Gallery opening rather then a bike show, lighting is dim with much of it being what filters in from windows on one wall, the rest supplied by small low volt LED bulbs giving all they can give. It's a shame because, even though the mood it sets is warm and dramatic, it hinders the ability to appreciate some the subtle details on some very fine machines.

I was glad to see that this year's event has brought out more vendors from not only the Midwest but from all corners of the country selling all manner of coolness. The same can be said of the bikes on display, with the east and west coast represented as well as the midwest and a good number from are northern neighbors in Canada.

In short, if you haven't attended this show in the past, put it on your 2017 calendar. It makes for a nice break from the winter gloom, and you can get an eye-full of some real cool and different iron that you just won't see at other shows. The people are friendly and the fact that they sell Pabst and Schlitz Tall Boys for $3 bucks a pop is well worth the price of admission alone.

The Green Onion.
Beautiful 1957 Harley Davidson KR dirt tracker.
1957 Triumph T110
Got Patina?
Purple Pan!

Unfortunately I wasn't able to grab a lot a of shots this year due to the lighting conditions. I'll be better equipped next year, my fault.

If you come, come early, the crowds grow large later in the day. Dress comfortably, it gets crowded and HOT in there. Be prepared to walk! and climb stairs if you're not into waiting in the line for the freight elevator to the 2nd floor. And for the love of God!, leave your infants and strollers at home! Your 9-month old doesn't know a motorcycle from a door knob, I assure you, and their buggies and strollers only serve as trip wires for the mildly intoxicated! We are all happy you were able to reproduce, but take the kids to the zoo instead.

The deeper in you go, the darker it gets!
Super clean early 60's style knucklehead
Very traditional bobbed Knucklehead
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