Koalas By: Ashley Stewart

Phascolarctos cinereus

Koalas inhabit the forests of eastern Australia, but there are a few differences between northern and southern subspecies
The Koalas Diet & Digestion. The Koala is the only mammal, other than the Greater Glider and Ringtail Possum, which can survive on a diet of eucalyptus leaves. Eucalyptus leaves are very fibrous and low in nutrition, and to most animals are extremely poisonous.
They range in length from 60-85 cm (2-3 ft.), but northern koalas are on the smaller side, weighing 4-8.5 kg (9-19 lb.), while southern koalas weigh 7-13 kg (15-29 lb.).
For the Koala’s, mating generally occurs between December and March. They don’t see to have the natural instinct for reproducing though at the same level as many other animals. Females and males are ready to mate between 2 and 3 years of age.
The middle part of the body is very stout and they do have ears that look like those of a bear. They also have very large paws and fit into the classification of animals known as marsupials. They have thick fur and it is a gray color. They also have areas of black, brown and white on their bodies.
- Koalas are not bears. They are not placental or 'eutherian' mammals, but MARSUPIALS, which means that their young are born immature & they develop further in the safety of a pouch. It’s incorrect to call them ‘Koala bears' - their correct name is simply 'Koalas'. Did you know you can adopt your own cute Koala through the AKF? Click here to find out more.

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