“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” – Pablo Picasso

This children at The Bloom Center had a Summer break filled with creativity and learning how to bring out their own inner artist. Why is this important and worth sharing? Children living in poverty are not generally taught how to be creative. They do not have people in their world to show them what creativity is or more important how to be creative.

Based on information found on PBS KQED website "Creativity is the freest form of self-expression. There is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling for children than to be able to express themselves openly and without judgment. The ability to be creative, to create something from personal feelings and experiences, can reflect and nurture children's emotional health. The experiences children have during their first years of life can significantly enhance the development of their creativity."

During my trip to India this past December (2016) we began introducing art projects to the children. This experience opened my eyes to the struggle some of the children had with creating or putting together a simple art project. But like any challenge we took it head on as a family. Some of my most favorite memories as a kid was working on school projects with my dad. His help and guidance showed me how to think creatively and not be afraid to try new ideas. I wanted this for our children at The Bloom Center. They will carry these experiences with them for a lifetime.

Crowns for Christmas Night

Let's create something beautiful together!

Children having fun creating their very own Royal Crowns

Finished Product in Action

Nativity Scene

First projects for most of the children this is where I realized their struggles.

No Fear of the Rubik's Cube

We introduced them to games as well. The children also enjoy playing board games.

Just Being Creative

Their creativity started to flow with the first project being whatever the children thought to create. Simple enough and showed their great potential. But don't think these kids are not competitive. The competition became fierce and their determination was evident. These kids wanted to WIN the prizes! They wanted to be the best and create the best to their ability.

The beginning of bringing out their inner creativity

First Competition - Free Style - It's heating up!

Some of the children's projects

The children asked that I choose the next art project (topic) and they would each create their own version.

Sun Flower

The adults even wanted to join in and they did!

I was blown away by the thought and hard work that went into these projects.

Rainbow - Final Project

It was to early for this little one...

Baby Janet (Sharon Lily) also had a project but she was to tired to present.

I was blown away by the final projects. Deena who is the cousin of our House Mother Karuna and also the children's tutor was surprised to learn how creative she could be. All of the children did amazing on every one of their projects. Thank you Karuna and the older children who completed their projects and also helped the younger children.

The Competition is Fierce

Everyone loved being creative!

Helping Each Other Be Successful

One of the areas the children were rewarded in was seeking help and working with others to complete the projects they envisioned. Stevie was the first child to show this level of determination and set the bar for the remainder of the competions.

The night before one of the competitions Stevie (without anyone knowing) walked to John's house (Pastor Paul's son), woke him up and demanded he draw him a lion picture.

I Must Highlight Bella!!

I knew after seeing Bella's first project (the bird house with the light) she was going to create some great projects. Her final rainbow project was amazing. Bella has great determination to bring her best to everything she does. I saw this in her the second time I met her in December 2016. I saw something very special in her and I am excited to watch her flourish over the years to come.

I could see something very special in Bella's eyes at this exact moment I was taking this photo. - She will do amazing things for God. She is fearless.
Bella's Art


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“For as the earth bursts with spring wildflowers, and as a garden cascades with blossoms, So the Master, God, brings righteousness into full bloom and puts praise on display before the nations.” ISAIAH 61:11

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