Husky By: diana wan

Today, I was given to a 13 year old female person. She was very gentle with me and took great care of me. She didn't throw me around as much as my last owner. I'm still nice and clean! Yay!

Me climbing a tree.

I then decided to climb on a tree and look out into the big world. My owner helped me climb the tree so that her friends couldn't reach me! After I went up the tree, I decided that we should go in and draw stuff.

Me trying to draw.

My owner helped me to draw and we drew this! So proud of myself! She's such a great artist! I want to go eat something now.....

Me trying not to fall into the trash can.

Well, apparently I'm a little stuck on the edge of the trash can, where I ate some food!

Me playing and climbing stuff.

Yay! It's recess time! I get to climb anything I want and run wherever I want. My owner decided to let me climb up to the roof. I am sweating a lot but I'm making progress. Just 100 more steps!

My selfie.

I made it! Yes! I'm so proud of myself! I like this picture cause I'm lit! Wait.....HELP ME!!! HOW DO I GET DOWN WWWWWHHHHHAAAAATTTTT!


I'm tired so I'm gonna take a nap. Good night!

My owner is SO COOL!

This is my wonderfully awesome owner I have been talking about! She is so cooooooool!

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