Welcome to Kaim Aaliyah, Kaylyn, Matthew and Avery's utopia :)

The Kaim community is located near the eastern border of Australia. In order for you to be apart of Kaim you must apply. There are two ways for you to arrive and that's by ship or plane. In this community it's divided up into four sections, and upon each of those sections there lives 68 families.

The Sunset Section (1/4)
Each adult citizen must have a paying job and can support for their two children.

The distance from New Braunfels to Kaim is approximately a 19-27 hour flight to where you will be crossing the Pacific Ocean.

Kaim is a political utopia. The main purpose of this community is to try to rebuild peace with others and help the citizens feel like Kaim is a sanctuary and that they're safe. Also to rebuild face-to-face connections that the world has really lost.

Kaim Model

Kaim Flag

Family Houses Available

Jobs available for men and women

The Relaxing Section (2/4)

Kaim Elementary School from Kindergarten- Sixth grade

KHS Seventh - Twelth grade, Go Cheetahs!
Recreation: Fishing, scuba diving, relaxing
There is a water aquifer set up underneath the ground for the citizens but if ever needed there is a fresh water nearby.

Economics: Citizens will have to pay taxes but the tax is $100 every other month and if married they will go half with their spouse. Citizens are rarely able to trade but if a time arises and there is a need they will be allowed to.

Kaim does have advanced equipment to where it should make you feel less worried if conflicts ever arrive.
The Urban Section (3/4)
Government: Kaim has representative government and law enforcement will be in the hands of The Council. The Council will also handle any type of serious crime and will decide the punishment.
The Rural Section (4/4)
However our advanced technology allows you to FaceTime, etc. your family/friends.


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