Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. - Hebrews 11:1

Did you check the cable?

When the door opens on an elevator we are confident in the cables that raise and lower the box that carry us to the floor we want to go to. Isn't amazing how we trust something we can't see? We don't question whether the cable is in good working order. We don't ask to see the inspection certificate. We don't check to make sure all the nuts and bolts are tight enough before we board a box that carry us from floor to floor.

We trust old bridges to take us across...

The Lord blessed me to see the connection of the elevator and the bridge to what’s written in Hebrews 11. Trusting in God and believing He is able to do and perform all of His promises while not being able to see Him is called faith!

We can’t see the cables we can't see the foundations of bridges. We can’t see The Lord, but in order to please Him we must have the faith to know that He is who He says He is (Hebrews 11:6) even though we can't see Him. We must take on and live out His word without ever worrying about falling or doubting that He is able to hold us up and keep us from falling (Jude 24-25).

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