Softball! By: Chloe

Have you ever played softball? Well after this I’m sure after this you’ll know what you need. Please read all of my 6 sections to find out about this topic so it will become your favorite if you are interested.

Some basics and facts

I love to play softball but you have to have the basics down before you play so you know what to do. One basic you need is catching the ball and throwing the ball. You need to be able to do both to play in a game. I have been playing softball since 5 and I’m 10 years old. I have been playing for 5 years.

Things you need to be able to do

You need to be able to do all of the following basics to play in a game; Throwing abilities, catching, hitting the ball, and running really fast. You need to be able to play any position in case anything comes up. For if a player is sick or has an injury, you’ve got it covered. Or another player does. But you still do just in case.

Being prepared

You need to be prepared with all of your equipment so you don’t have to sit out and watch everybody else have fun. The things you need are: Glove for catching, a bat, a ball for practicing unless the coach has some, (which they usually do), and comfy clothes for practice and cleats, a helmet, and you could buy batting gloves.( They help). It’s good to be prepared.

Being respectful inside the dugout

When you are inside the dugout you need to be respectful to other players. For example: If some girl on the other team hits the ball don’t say boo! You stink! You didn’t deserve that hit”! That’s mean and may hurt someone’s feelings. So be appropriate in the dugout and be nice.

Staying healthy

You need to make sure that you are always staying healthy when you play a sport, for example, staying active and practice even if it’s not the playing season but just to get better. There is always something more to learn. We want to be as good as Jennie Finch. She is a women's fast-pitch softball player.

You need to know where your going

You need to know all of the positions because if your coach says for example; ‘’Dylan go to shortstop.” And she didn’t know where to go. That would be embarrassing because what if everyone knew where to go except Dylan, (and you were Dylan.)

I have to wrap this up now but I hope you understand why you need to have a lot of things to play softball. Also all of my other topics about softball.

P.S softballs are not what you think they might sound lovely and soft… but trust me they are not what you think…. They hurt!


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