Bragg Renovations Presented by Ram Construction & Development, LLC

The official microsite of Ram Construction & Development, LLC in its two-year renovation of historic Bragg Memorial Stadium. Mega Ace Media, LLC will provide exclusive content around the project.


Ram Construction has completed the renovations to the West side and delivered the facility back to Florida A&M on time.


Take a look back at the history of the Bragg name and how it came to be. Also, clear up once and for all, the misconception about the Bragg name.

FIRST LOOK: For the first time, take a look "under the hood." We take the first-ever look at the Ram Construction crew under the structure of the newly renovated Bragg Memorial Stadium

June 18, 2021: Michael Rowe talks about Phase I of Bragg Renovations. He also talks about the features of the new construction. Much of the walkway and seating area is well underway on the southeast side of the stadium.

June 10, 2021: Construction of the new seating and walking surfaces are well underway. Ram Construction and Development, LLC's Heath Annin, a FAMU grad, stops work for a moment to explain what exactly is going on in Phase I of Bragg Renovations.

June 2021: Preparations for the new seating is well underway. Structural improvement and reconstruction is taking place. The new black coating will provide both structural and aesthetic properties. The coating can withstand extreme conditions and will prolong and protect the beams under Bragg Memorial Stadium. Several construction assets have arrived to assist the continuing renovation for the east side.

May 14, 2021. Preparations to the steel understructure of the east side of Bragg Stadium are underway. Support beams are being reconditioned and painted. Brand new bleacher fasteners are being welded onto the top of the beams, conditioning the structure to house new bleachers.

May 1, 2021. As of now, the east side bleacher extraction and recycling has been completed. What is expected in May is the sandblasting, painting and reinforcement of the steel structure under Bragg Memorial Stadium. Engineering and architectural structure enhancements will begin later in the month. After securing the structure and making necessary internal upgrades, the rebuilding of the east side will begin.

ALMOST DONE: East side demolition of the bleachers Is nearly complete. Great care was taken by Ram Construction & Development, LLC to preserve use of the stadium in conjunction with the renovation.

April 3, 2021 - The annual spring "Orange and Green" game was held in Bragg Memorial Stadium. One of the benefits of the construction method chosen by Ram Construction & Development, LLC was it allowed for continued use of the stadium surface. The spirited game went on with limited fans on the west side to allow for social distancing. Event eh world-famous Marching "100" made an appearance at the stadium.

Bragg Renovations

Today, deconstruction and renovation to Bragg Memorial Stadium continued with the extraction of seats in Section "S" by Ram Construction and Development, LLC. A large crane is in place, welders will continue to dislodge the seats, section by section and extract and recycle the previous aluminum seats. (March 15)

The Process Begins - Demolition of Bragg Memorial Stadium's East side. All aluminum fan benches have been removed and prepped for recycling. Workers continue to strip the East side in preparation for demolition of the entire metal structure on the East side. (Photos below are from March 1, 2021.)