Metacarpals/Phalanges Bones and Muscles

By: MacKenzie Lewis, and Avy Overstreet

There are many muscles in the Metacarpals.

There are three muscle groups in the Metacarpals. The first group is the Lumbrical. There are four lumbricals in this muscle group. The muscles are located on the top of the Metacarpals.

The second group is the Dorsal Interosseous Muscle. There are four muscles in this group.

The last group is The Palmar Interossei. There are three muscles in this group. (this is the website we used for this information)

Bones of the Metacarpals: They are located between the Phalanges/fingers and the wrists. There are five muscles, of the Metacarpals. In each hand. There are six joints in the Metacarpals.

Diseases associated with the Metacarpals:

You can fracture your bone/break it. There are also diseases in circulation. Like Raynaud's disease. It happens when there is low oxygen in your blood system, and when the place you are in is very cold. They turn purple, blue, and/or white. There is also osteoarthritis, which means stiffness in the joints, and pain.

Proper nutrition: eat vegetable, fruits, and protein. Not fattening food. Also drink lots of milk.

Treatments: medications, therapy, and surgery came make less, and maintain joint movement.

Some Jobs are: Certified hand therapist/special hand trainer., and an Orthopedic Doctor.


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