The swaying trees by the seas Pop art sculpture book

3/10/17- I sketched multiple ideas for a background. I chose to use more of a beach theme to create different shapes that will create an interesting composition that is challenging and eye catching. I am continuing to create more sketches.

3/14/17- Last class I sketched 6 ideas of what a complex and interesting background could look like based on a beach theme. The shapes overlap and create interesting composition while maintaining a theme. The first sketch is of a beach with palm trees and the sun in the sky, the second is more like overlapping bamboo, the third is flip flops, the fourth is flowers of different sizes with the negative space filled with different size circles, the fifth is overlapping palm trees, and the sixth is of a surfboards. I will continue and create larger drawings of three of the six ideas.

3/20/17- Last class, I redesigned and created a new pattern that fits the project requirements and expectations better. Today, I will create a book cover using one the chosen designs. My goal is to begin creating my cover.

3/22/17- Last class I ran into a couple issues. I began to sketch my cover on to the final sheet but I was having a hard time recreating my sketch. I didn't get as far as I had originally hoped, so next class my goal is to finish sketching the cover design and begin using a medium to color it.

3/24/17- Last class I reached my goal. I started coloring in the palm trees with watercolor pencils but I wasn't very satisfied with the way that it was turning out out so I decided to change my main medium to watercolor paints. I waited for the watercolor pencil to dry and I went over it with watercolor paint, as well as continuing to color in some of the palm trees. Next class, my goal is to finish painting the palm trees and start painting the background.

3/28/17- Last class I reached my goal. I completed painting the second half of the palm trees with very little issue. Today I have to finish coloring the background with watercolor pencil on one side and marker on the other, just to add some more variety. I also have to cut mat board and finish constructing my cover so that it will be ready for Thursday.

3/30/17- Last class, I did not reach my goal. The water colored pencil took a little bit longer than I expected. I have to finish coloring in the background and I still have to cut and construct my finished covers. To be finished in time, I will use ALL my time wisely and I will complete the covers by the end of the class so that I can get at least a half decent grade.


Created with images by skmcrae - "beach sunset palm tree"

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