SWELL Collaborative Sculpture Charlotte Thistlethwaite

The environment is a precious gem that flourishes and mingles with with the weather and creates a stable, beautiful, natural home for both animals and humans, yet we are destroying it bit by bit, corrupting the wildlife. Why? Why are we carelessly throwing it away like a product we can just go down to the shops and buy? Why do we destroy something so beautiful for our own benefit? It is the epitome of selfishness. Our environment provides us with oxygen (our whole reason for existence on this planet), animal habitats, wild life, tourist attractions and a sanctuary for us. Actions always have an effect and if we don't act on it, the downfall of the environment is right at our doorstep. Litter, litter, litter. One of our worlds most significant issues. Ever wondered why you always see rubbish on the beach? It's because of us. Ever felt bad when seeing innocent turtles dying from plastic bag inhalation? It's because of us. Whenever you're too lazy to go and pick up that ziplock bag that's flying in the wind, you're contributing to our mass of litter. No, don't worry about that tiny, insignificant popper straw wrapper, it won't hurt anyone. Well, one tiny popper straw wrapper becomes two tiny popper straw wrappers. Then two tiny popper straw wrappers becomes ten. Then a hundred. Then a thousand. Then tens of thousands of tiny, insignificant popper straw wrappers that have piled up on our beach and mercilessly chocked an animal to death. If we don't start being vigilant with our rubbish and litter, our world will become an abyss of waste. As my brother stated "Our world shouldn't be covered in garbage or we'll all end up dead!" By promoting awareness of these problems, we can make a reduction of litter from our waterways, oceans and general public. We don't always ask that you volunteer at Clean up Australia Day or Environmentalists R' Us, just that you clean up after yourself and if you see a loose piece of rubbish, pick it up. We really need to pull up our socks and help out, because if we don't, the world as we know it will evolve to be plastic. Did you know that using recycled paper for one days worth of the NewYork Times Sunday edition would save approximately 75,000 trees. We have already lost 80% of the worlds forests and we're continually losing them at a rate of 375km squared metres per day. We also have a garbage island floating in our ocean, approximately the size of India, Europe and Mexico combined, mostly comprised of plastic. This is just a little insight into how much we destroy the environment. We need to stop it. You can't un-burn a tree that's already been destroyed. Art is an effective way to communicate messages like this because it conveys a message simply by a drawing, sculpture or painting. It's visual appearance is often appealing and explains a story, simply by creating. Different mediums can be used for this topic/issue, such as used plastic bottles found in waterways, rubbish found on the ground, and just general litter. Its effective to recycle because if you buy it, you're essentially doing no different because when it's thrown out, even more goes to waste. We need to act upon this litter problem and fast. Our animals and environment is decreasing by the minute. We need to stop this before the ultimate destruction is upon us.


Created with images by xuuxuu - "beach sea ocean"

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