Reform Movement By: drew thompson, caYden butler

Fundations of reform: there were multiple efforts of reform. There were religious movements. They were known as the second great awakening. This was a revival of religious feelings and belief. Another reform act was the transcendentalism. This was a belief of the goodness of man. This later introduced acts of civil disobedience which was when people challenged the laws.
Abolitionist: Abolitionists hated slavery. Their main goal was to get rid of slavery. There were great people who supported this. For example William Floyd, Sarah Grimke, and sojourner truth. They each came up,with ways to stand up against slavery. Harriet Tubman made the Underground Railroad. This was a very iconic to the abolitionist. This let slaves escape slave states.
Care of the disabled: This is about how if you were disabled you were put into jail. They would treat you just a prisoner. A women named Dorothea Dix saw how they were treated. So she reported what she saw. So the law makmers made new mental hospitals to house the mentally ill.
Women's rights movement

Back in the day women didnt have many rights,but one day 2 women thought women desiirve more right their human and that they should have the same rights as any man. Eventually the Seneca falls conviction demanded rights of the women to get equally what man got. Finally we can't forget about Susan b Anthony who helped reform all of this and ask Massachusetts for divorce laws

In the mid 1800. Horance menn or the father of education thought all kids should be in school no matter how rich or poor. So in the late 1820s Massachusetts voted to add a tax to build better schools.later on more states would

Alcohol was abused by everyone and and apperntly the government thought that it was linked to crime so they passed the temprace and later Maine BANNED ALCOHOL


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