Judgement at Nuremberg ethan goodman


When walking into the theater I felt an experience like I've never felt before. This was my first time actually going to see a play. I felt some feelings of excitement and curiosity and really wanted to watch the Judgement at Nuremberg. Not to mention the fact that the actual auditorium was huge, but this just made me feel like I was about to watch something magic, and truly artistic. My seat was up on the second level, but I don't think I could've asked for a better seat. I had a picturesque view of the stage and I could see everything that was going on due to my birds eye view. When the lights finally dimmed a final feeling of excitement coursed through my body and I was ready to witness art in one of its most ancient forms. The role of Sharing the Good Life seems to be a role easily played by this place because the theater is a key aid in exposing and sharing art and ideas with young minds like my own.

I attended the play with 3 friends, my girlfriend, roommate and a good friend of mine. Attending the play with these 3 really made the experience better because not only was I able to discuss my thoughts with them, I was able to hear their opinions on the play. This really aided in my understanding of the multitude of viewpoints one can take on the Judgement at Nuremberg. Getting ready for the play was quite basic and consisted of some simple conversation on the couch as well as a little bit of snacking. This was great time for us to learn more about what the play consisted of, so we also hopped on the computer and learned a little bit about these trials before actually attending the play. The role of shared experiences in the good life is that of bringing people together and allowing them to build off of and grow because of the experiences. I find this to be exactly what I felt when sharing the experience of watching the play with my close friends and had an overall enhanced experience because of this.


The story took place a couple years after WWII, in Nuremberg, Germany and primarily focused on the trials of two alleged Nazi advocates. Before I attended the play I had never really heard of these trials and as a Jew, I was always under the impression that Nazi's were the most terrible people that committed some of the most heinous acts on mankind. After the performance I found my views to be somewhat changed. Instead of having this intense hatred for all things Nazi, I began to realize that some of them were just following orders out of fear. Although this is not a justifiable explanation for what they did, it did put into perspective that some of these people were just normal human beings like me, but lacked the courage to speak up and act out against the National Socialist Party's regime.


Judgement at Nuremberg provides with Kartharsis in the sense that really allows to look back at some of the things these Nazi's did in hindsight and with more information than I previously had. I can understand the whole aspect that these Nazi Militants or Officials were just following their orders but its by no means an excuse for the disgusting crimes they've committed. If they had just begun to unify as a group and rise up against the National Socialist Party, so many lives could've been saved. I know I would've done everything in my power to stop the horrors that were occurring. The play also offered some Kartharsis, with Pagan's claim of plays being socially uncomfortable, politically contentious, religiously irreverent, or culturally radical. Judgement at Nuremberg had a little bit of all these aspects and really portrayed a topic that isn't frequently discussed. My eyes were opened by the play and came out having learned and discovered so much more than I ever could've thought I would.

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