Advertising Unit By uday Jairam 9B2

Today in class we learnt that the advert I was testing scored a D for audiences. This means that this advert was inappropriate for young audiences and it might not be shown to the public. This test we were taking was called the Representation test or also called The Rep Test and this test shows us how inappropriate the advert you are looking is and are the woman who are represented in these adverts being objectified in many ways?.My partner's rep test and I got 8/22 from his questions and I discovered that it scored pretty low and it was sexually provocative to women and abuses women.

Notes on Advertising

Advertising Notes

Tapping into desire and creating need

Getting out a message and shifting the product

Using images and words

Creates illusions that it’s directed to you, the individual viewer

Ads are everywhere and you can’t escape them

450 billion dollars spent annually (Dd figures)

Coca Cola’s ad spending has led to global brand recognition

Leo Burnett- created personalities as products

E.g. Tony the Tiger and Frosties (All these ads connect with the audience)

Another Perspective of Advertising is that no matter how much money you put in it you product can’t have flaws in it

Advertising has been around the world for a long time. They used to have criers who used to shout the ads to the people in the olden days.

Male Representation in Advertising

Rise of male glamour model


Construction of ideal male body

Focus on abs, pecs and crotch.


Male Ideals

Idea of Personality

The Female Gaze

The Male Gaze

Textual Analysis of the Abercrombie and Fitch Advertisement: The connotations of this advertisement is maybe that it symbolises that if you wear the product you will feel very free and will have a lot of freedom if you wear it. The colour scheme is black and white and I think that they used this colour scheme because it shows a very liberal meaning of freedom. This advert will definitely appeal to woman and it will also have a very strong female gaze factor in it. I think that certain visual elements are emphasised to make it more sexual so that more people are drawn towards the product. I think the audience appeal it is mostly being used for men who love to be fashionable in every way. I think the national identity is mostly based on freedom of rights. Youth is suggested by adventurous people and young people. I think the ethnicity is mostly saying that America has mostly white people.

Analysis on the Video I think that when you are given different perspectives then you are forced to look at the photo in a different way.

Rosser Reeves Simplistic, Repetitious boasts = The hard sell, Direct+stndent=repetitive, Irritate you way into people's consciousness, unique selling proposition (USP)+ reason why, highlighting how product was different from others on market, Repetition of the USP= association

Bill Bernbach More sophisticated audience = more sophisticated advertising, recognises audience has a brain, blending creativity and art with marketing and commerce. Broke wall between viewer of ad and product advertised

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