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NLPS Vision & Mission


United In Excellence


To educate and graduate students who specialize in one of three themed magnet pathways: International Education, STEM and Visual & Performing Arts, who are well versed in the academic knowledge and practical experiences necessary to succeed beyond high school; who are critical thinkers and innovators; who are courageous and self-reliant; and who challenge the status quo while enriching their community, country and global society.












Cynthia's Message

Cynthia E. Ritchie, Superintendent of Schools

Greetings students, staff and families,

We are so excited to begin a new school year with you! Throughout the 2019-2020 school year we will be implementing several key changes and beginning new initiatives, that are sure to engage and excite all. This communication, At A Glance, will continue to be one tool we use to communicate district-wide information with all of our constituents. It will be produced three times per year. We will also continue to utilize weekly Monday Memos, Podcasts, School Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, Coffee Hours with the Superintendent, and a variety of family/community engagement events to keep all informed on a regular basis.

Students continue to be at the center of all we do and of all of the decisions we make. Our vision to be United in Excellence means that ALL people who are a part of the New London School Community must do their part to contribute to the overall well-being of students and successes of each and every student. All people can aid us in achieving the goals we set forth for ourselves as outlined in our Strategic Plan, entitled NLPS 2021. (Please view on website) We believe in the power of teamwork which highlights that individually we can do little, but together we can do so much.

Our 3-Year Strategic Plan NLPS 2021, keeps our work grounded and centered on student achievement. Our Plan is divided into four distinct sections each with specific, actionable and measurable goals:

  • Section One: Student Achievement
  • Section Two: Climate and Culture
  • Section Three: Operations, Systems and Structures
  • Section Four: Engagement and Recognition of Excellence

You will continue to see and hear a lot about our progress on our NLPS 2021 Strategic Plan. We have set the bar high and expect great things from ourselves, from our families and from our students. We believe in the amazing possibilities New London Public Schools can and will achieve!

Our parents, caregivers and community partners are integral supporters of student achievement. We are blessed with so many available resources and service providers featured throughout the community and will continue to work side by side with families and local organizations to support our students’ academic and social-emotional development. Please continue to review our weekly communications (Monday Memo) and our website where we will advertise multiple opportunities for family-community engagement and social events.

This school year we will continue to aim for our vision to be United in Excellence. Being “united” means not only do we share in a common understanding of our goals and aims for the district, but we also know and understand the various perspectives, cultures, lifestyles and hopes and dreams of our fellow colleagues, neighbors and students whom we work alongside every day. To better foster these connections, I will be launching a new initiative this year entitled, “Tell your story”. It is a campaign that will allow several staff, students, families and community members to introduce themselves to the community (via video) to highlight not only information about their personal life and hopes and dreams for our students, but to explain what they are contributing (their “excellence”) towards our district’s common vision to be United in Excellence. I am excited for these bridges to be made as various staff, students and families from various school buildings begin to build friendships.

I look forward to a fantastic new school year as we begin not just a new “chapter” but rather a “whole new story” for New London Public Schools! This story will be one featuring a beautiful setting (New London, CT), with amazing characters (our students, staff, families and members of community), with a plot that highlights how success can be achieved when people overcome devastation and challenges, demonstrate love for one another, work harder than ever, find and highlight each other’s’ strengths and talents, collaborate and support each other through teamwork, and model gratitude daily. These characters will demonstrate gratitude for the opportunity to ensure the future trajectory for each student is a positive one. The “story” of NLPS is going to make history and it is an honor to be a part of its development. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me at any time.

Sincerely, Cynthia Ritchie

District Improvement Plan


BDJ Multi-Magnet Campus


Dr. Jose Ortiz

Assistant Director

Chris Vamvakides

Assistant Principal

Roland Dunham

NLHS Multi-Magnet Campus

Interim Director

Laurelle Texidor

Assistant Director

Scott Morgan

Assistant Principal

Bryan Mahon

Help Your Child Succeed in School: Build the Habit of Good Attendance

School success goes hand in hand with good attendance!

Too many absences can cause your student to fall behind in school. Missing 10 percent (or about 18 days) can make it harder to learn to read. Students can still fall behind if they miss just a day, or two days, every few weeks. Being late to school can also lead to poor attendance and absences can affect the whole classroom if the teacher has to slow down learning to help children catch up.

Attending school regularly helps children feel better about school—and themselves. Start building this habit in preschool so they learn right away that going to school on time, every day is important. Good attendance will help children do well in high school, college, and at work. For more on school readiness, visit attendanceworks.org and reachoutandread.org.


2019-2020 School Year Calendar

2019-2020 School Year START and END Times



Physical Exams: All new students entering New London Public Schools must complete a physical to start school. A health assessment form is provided by the state department of education.

Immunizations: all students entering New London Public Schools are required by state law to complete primary immunizations and a health assessment prior to school entrance in Connecticut (C.G.S.Secs. 10-204a and 10-206).

8:00 AM - 4:00 PM


New London Adult and Continuing Education Fall Semester

Welcome to our Fall 2019 semester. New London Adult and Continuing Education is very proud of its long-standing commitment to adult learners. We are committed to providing excellence in education by offering innovative and stimulating educational opportunities in a safe and nurturing environment. We strive to strengthen our community partnerships and value the spirit of collaboration.

We offer ESL classes to assist English language learners improve their English language proficiency. Students looking to complete their high school education can benefit from our Credit Diploma Program and GED Program. The U.S. Citizenship classes will prepare immigrants for the U.S. Citizen test. The Transitions Program will assist our adult learners with career exploration, training and college preparatory classes.

Our Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training Program offers workforce education in areas that match local demand. Our counseling staff is available to guide and assist you in choosing the program that best meets your educational needs. These classes are offered free of charge.

We are very pleased to offer the Even Start – Two Generation program that promotes family literacy. This is an integrated program that meets the needs of the entire family through adult education, early childhood education, parenting education, interactive literacy, and home visits.

Our Continuing Education/Enrichment Program offers a vast number of programs and classes to satisfy your lifelong learning goals. We invite you to take advantage of our Culture-on-Wheels Program which presents stimulating, educational, and affordable opportunities for travel. Numerous day, overnight bus trips and international world-class tours are thoughtfully planned.

There is really something for everyone. We are committed to providing you with outstanding programs and customer service.



6th Grade Multi-Magnet Middle School Campus Orientation


Nathan Hale Arts Magnet School 8am - 9am

Harbor Elementary School 11am - 12pm

Winthrop STEM Elementary Magnet School 1pm - 3pm

Multi-Magnet High School Campus 2pm - 3:30pm

C.B. Jennings International Elementary 3pm - 5pm


Multi-Magnet Middle School Campus 12pm - 3pm



Winthrop STEM Elementary Magnet School 6pm - 7:30pm


Multi-Magnet Middle School Campus 5pm - 7pm


Multi-Magnet High School Campus - Arts Pathway 5:30pm

Multi-Magnet High School Campus - STEM Pathway 5:30pm

Multi-Magnet High School Campus - All Pathways 6pm


Harbor Elementary School 4:30 - 6pm


Nathan Hale Arts Magnet School 5pm - 7:30pm


C.B. Jennings International Elementary 5pm - 6:30pm

Sign Up For Texts With School Messenger

Our district utilizes School Messenger to send important notifications to our families. With School Messenger we can send important information about events, school closings, safety alerts and more! You can participate in this free service by phone call, text message and email! To opt-in to receive text messages from the district, text "Y" or "Yes" to our district's short code number, 68453.

Parents Can Access PowerSchool

PowerSchool is the online software tool we use to house your student's information. You can access PowerSchool to check on your student's progress, school attendance, grades and comments, class schedules and the daily bulletin. You can access SchoolMint to update your student's information. With PowerSchool our goal is to increase communication and collaboration with parents, students and teachers. PowerSchool allows you to get more information about your child’s education while encouraging students to take increased ownership of their learning. To access PowerSchool you can create an account to login. PowerSchool can be accessed from your mobile device and you can view each of your students' information with a single login. Contact your school to get your PowerSchool Access ID and Access password.



Light Blue, Navy Blue or White Collared Shirts


Navy Blue Jumpers, Skirts, “Skorts”, Pants or Knee Length Shorts

Navy Blue or White Socks or Tights


The BDJMS Multi-Magnet Campus will have new uniforms this year. They are Hunter Green Polos with the New London Public Schools logo. Uniform tops and other New London Public School apparel can be purchased by clicking here. This uniform is campus wide for all pathways.

Please note for the 2019-2020 school year, last year’s uniforms will be accepted. If you are purchasing new uniforms throughout the school year, we do ask that you purchase the hunter green color.

SchoolMint Student Update Form

Student Updates will be required for ALL enrolled students.

SchoolMint Student Updates will launch in PowerSchool by September 30th. Schools will add messages about upcoming student updates to their school newsletters and school websites. Parents and guardians will get a School Messenger notification a week prior to Student Update launch and the district will post a notice on the district website at www.newlondon.org.

The New London Food Service Department is committed to providing a variety of appealing and nutritious meals at no cost to our students through the Community Eligible Provision (CEP). All of our meals meet or exceed USDA guidelines and the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act nutrition standards. In partnership with families, the community, and our city, our food service program strives to provide fuel to learn, assisting students in achieving their maximum potential.

After All, Healthy Children Are The Best Learners!

NLPS' Sports Fall Season

Is your student interested in joining a club at school? If so, please contact your school’s main office to get more information!

United in Excellence


134 Williams Street, New London, CT 06320


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