Achieve 3000 Editing Admin settings to help students achieve more

Screenshots of how to get to change the level of audio support.

Levels of Audio Support

Full Audio support

Full audio is for a student reading who is considered to be a beginning reader.

The lowest level article in Achieve is a 150L, so a student would need to be close to that level or receive enough teacher support to be able to read that level text with comprehension.

If a student has a BR before their Lexile score, it means they have s negative Lexile score. For example, BR100L is -100L. This student would have to have Full Audio.

Vickie at Achieve suggests Full Audio for a student who is 50L or below. For students between 50L-150L, I suggest additional teacher support to help with comprehension.

Full audio should be assigned strategically because we don't want students relying on their listening comprehension---the goal is to improve their silent reading comprehension.

Stretch Audio Support

This would give students a little more help that have a lower Lexile score and have a hard time passing on the first time with a 75% or higher. Stretch audio means the student can listen to his Stretch article (not the article at his “just right” reading level). Stretch audio is good for students if they are below grade level. It is not recommended to enable it for students who are at or above grade level.

Vocabulary/Stretch Audio Support

Achieve believes that this would work best for our ESOL students!

Vocabulary Audio Support

This is the default level of support for students, we will leave students here that do not any other audio support. Vocabulary audio allows a student to listen to his vocabulary words (these are the words specific to his “just right” reading level). This is a great setting for all students.

Use this to help you determine what audio support that each of your students need.
Looking forward to seeing students making 75% or higher on their first attempt!

Now it's your turn! Log in and start choosing the level of support for each of your students.

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