World History Anthony LUJAN

European Exploration
The European exploration first started around the 15th Century, Ferdinand Mangella was the first to circumnavigate the globe.Not long after he passed in the Philippines, he wasn't the only person to want to navigate across the globe. there was also Prince Henry who sailed to the West Coast of Africa, their was also Christopher Columbus who also sailed but for a purpose to show that their was a much quicker way to get around for the products needed.
The reason for sailing the ocean was for spices,and new technologies as well.Some of the technologies are books and the printing press to help the writers with creating books.many of these explorers sailed to get spices and then sell it.A few other reasons for sailing was so countries who stuck with the original way of living can learn about the new advancements.The main reason why explorers went from the silk road to the sea was due to the fall of Constantinople to the Turks and they shut down any supplies that were passing through the silk road.
Books were priced very high at the time due to the fact that it would have to be done by hand.The printing press made it easier for journalist or writers because they can plate out what they are going to write and lay ink down and just have it pressed on paper.As for the spices it was heavily priced and if you were able to survive the sea with the product you would become very wealthy.the down side for the spice was the outrageous cost to get a bag of spice it was the equivalent price of seven fated ox's.The downside to the shutdown of the silk road was the fact many ships wouldn't make it back after they had bought spices.
Triangular Trade
The triangular trade was so that other countries can make a type of product and sell to either neighboring countries or from across the sea it mainly consisted with America, Africa, and England also a few others. the West Indies would trade away slaves, sugar and fruits to America.
The reason why it was so difficult for the Caribbean Natives was because the new germs and the new products.Pirates would get order by the king to go and steal merchandise from other ships that leave back to there land. the king would get a small share and the pirates would not get in trouble by the law by doing so.
the downfall with the Caribbean Natives being surrounded with outsiders was the stuff they brought with them since the Natives weren't use to the bacteria they dies in huge numbers and caused them to look for a new solution. That''s where slavery came into hand with the trade Africa was sending slaves in massive numbers. they would be packed into cargo ships. The slaves would be jammed into a ship and most would die from all the bacteria inside or of the heat of being crammed into a ship and not having room.
Inca Defeat
The Inca Empire was the largest empire in the 16th century, many of the Inca's believed that there king was the "Sapa Inca"meaning the Son of the Sun. The Inca civilization didn't continue in the progress with the new technology so once they were met by others that had weapons such as magic because they have never seen this type of technology before.
The Inca civilization were not familiar with the new advancements that Pizarro had. For instance the type of weapons. Pizarro had firearms and cannons because their country stayed up with the new advancements being made. The huge advantage that Pizarro had was the fact that all the livestock and etc. he brought, he's been use to because he was surrounded by. the Inca civilization wasn't use to the type of livestock because they had a specific breed of animal that they were familiar with.Disease played the biggest part because it almost wiped out the whole civilization.
What happened was fairly simple, the Inca civilization lost for three main specific reasons. they did not stay up with the advancements so when they fought they had to in close range to do any sort of damage the enemy. Another was the animals Pizarro brought with him the Inca's were not use to the type of disease the animals carried with them and since it was sometimes common for animals to live in the house the people would in fact get a type of immunity of the disease because the body would contract the disease and the body would fight it off. diseases was the big plus for the defeat of the Inca it wiped out almost the whole civilization.
Defeat Spanish Armada
The defeat of the Spanish was similar to the defeat of the Inca's because the only was for the Spanish to do any sort of damage to the enemy was to be close enough. the Spanish had a mass number of soldiers and ships so the defeat mainly was because they got out smarted and England had the newer advancement.The Types of advancements that England had bigger ships than the Spanish the numbers of ships and people was on the Spanish side it was A 5 to 1 ratio but the English had way better technology so that's how they did it.
What happened was the Spanish had lost ships when trying to defeat England.the Spanish were old fashion and what i mean by that is that they would throw a hook so that they could board the ships but the downside with that plan is that you had to get close enough.Once the Defeat of the Spanish happened the English colonized at the N.A(New America).

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