Country Music Vibe Public Relations and Booking Agency

Country Music Vibe PR and Booking Agency

We are located out of Tampa, FL. Our agency was born out of the need to provide a service for artists that need a company that they could believe in. That had the drive to ensure the success of their clients first. We believe that our reputation is always at stake. We have to come through for the artists, and the venues, festivals, events, bars and lounges that we work with. We try to remain as transparent as possible. Except for when client confidentiality is involved.

Our company is built upon honesty and loyalty. Those are characteristics of who we are. They will never change, regardless of the circumstances. We value the relationships that we have built with our clients over the years. It is our intention to find the best possible venues, theaters, events and festivals for our clients to perform at. We will never accept quantity over quality. Our clients needs have to come first, and look to avoid any situation that will prevent them from flourishing in the music industry.

Country Music Vibe: Mission Statement.

"We want our artists to feel that they are part of a team, instead of every person for themselves". When you work as a team, you are never alone. In a industry that can be cold and heartless at times, we want to always provide a team atmosphere. Everyone who signs with Country Music Vibe is required to buy into our mission statement. Therefore, we both work, play and perform effectively.

Every PR and Booking Agency is going to tell you that they have the best artists that the industry has to offer. I can personally tell you that I have worked with many of them in some capacity. Some are good, but to find greatness you have work with Country Music Vibe. We truly have the best artists in the industry. Regardless of your taste in genre, we have the something that will suit the needs of your audience. But remember, we provide only the best.

Country Music Vibe PR and Booking Agency continues to get better and better. To book our artists, email us at pr@countrymusicvibe.com or call us at 813.397.8410

You can also visit our website, for an in depth look into the clients that we have available for booking. We have had a great year, and look forward to a very busy 2019, and 2020. We look forward to establishing a location in Tennessee and Texas. We are on the move, and not looking back.

Country Music Vibe PR and Booking Agency: Qualifications.

All of our staff members are qualified to provide the best PR Services to our clients. We also go above and beyond to secure booking opportunities for our artists. Some of the artists that we work with are as follows: Houston Bernard Band, The Georgia Rae Family Band, Paul Gagiulo, Jimmy DeTalente and the Electric Revival, Todd Barrow, Sophie Dorsten, Klaudija Ever, Thomas Lyden. Clients that we have worked with also include Natalie Jean, Caroline Gray, and Stevie Jewel. We continue to pre qualify our clients, to ensure they are a right fit for Country Music Vibe PR and Booking Agency.

Country Music Vibe PR and Booking Agency also runs an independent radio station.

While we focus on our clients, we still maintain a pulse on the top independent country music artists in the industry. We provide an FTP server for artists to upload their songs to be played on our radio station. Country Music Vibe Radio will use our radio platform to also run commercials for our artists. When we book them a gig, we offer up skin in the game, by promoting the event that they are performing at. At this time, we are also searching for the right sponsors to promote on our radio station.

Whether it's Country music, Americana, Rockabilly, Bluegrass, Jazz, Pop, or Blues. We are going to be there to represent the artists. We are all part of one team, and no artist is in it for themselves. We all work together to achieve a common purpose. That is, success!

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