Relationships Chelsea Glavin- Final Project


Atticus is the father of Scout. He has shown her so many things, but what I want to focus on is when something happens between two people, Jem and Scout, he gets both sides of the story. What he does is listens to them and then comes to a conclusion. The life lesson Scout has learned is when something goes wrong she's not supposed to be one sided. She looks and listens to both sides and finds the best solution in order for things to be fair.


Francis is the cousin of Scout. One thing Scout witnessed Francis do is be mean one minute and fake being hurt the other. I say this because Francis was talking bad about Atticus during Christmas then when Scout went to defend her father, Francis ran acting like he did nothing wrong at all. The life lesson Scout learned here is that she should always stay true to herself and others. Also, not to lie because it gets you into way more trouble than what you originally would have been in.

Arthur (Boo)

Arthur is a neighbor, the one that hasn't been seen in years, of Scout. Throughout "To Kill A Mockingbird", Scout sees different instances where Arthur proves the rumors wrong about him. Some of the things he did was save Jem and Scout's lives, gave them objects in the tree trunk, and put a blanket on Scout when Miss Maudie's house caught on fire. The life lesson that Scout learned here is that she should never believe what others say about a person, but to get to know them herself and see who they really are.


Jem is Scout's older brother. What he has shown her is personal space. I say this because these siblings were always with each other from the time they woke up to the time they went to sleep. As Jem got older, he wanted more time by himself and a little more space. The life lesson Scout was taught here is that people can still hangout and live together even when having their own space in a house, at school, or even in life.


Alexandra is the aunt of Scout. She has shown Scout what it looks like to be an actual woman. Especially when she holds a party for the women on the block and they come over to talk about what's been going on in town. I say this is a life lesson for Scout because she has only grown up around guys. Scout has learned to be polite, serve others, know when to wear a dress (not just in church), and how to act around everyone around her.

My Part


Dustin is my dad. Starting from when I was really young, he has risked everything for my family. He takes care of us and makes sure that we are all taken care of. The most important thing he has taught me in life is that family always comes first. No matter where we are or what we are doing you support them no matter what they do. This has helped my integrity by making me a caring person that always treats people with respect. Also, that family is there for your whole life not just for a couple years and leaves. They are here to stay for good.


Brynne, my best friend/sister, has gone through life with me. There has not been one moment in time that she hasn't been there for me. She has shown me how to stand tall even when times get tough. I'm not going to go into her history just for the sake of her privacy, but there has been some pretty horrid things that have happened and somehow she still stays balanced. My integrity has grown with her in my life because I've noticed how much she cares and stands up for what is right. I've become a confident, weird, but awesome person just by standing tall throughout all of the times that have knocked me down.


Morgan is my ex-best friend. This particular person was not very nice at all while we were friends, but me being me I didn't see it. After listening to my parents and watching her actions, I couldn't be around her anymore. The way she treated people and myself were absolutely horrible. My integrity has grown because now I watch before I act when there is something going on or when I choose who I want to be friends with. I've learned to hold my own ground, even when I'm being bullied/ harassed in such ways that I can't describe.


Hailey is one of my friends from Camp Hope. She has shown me so much over the past 4 summers all because she is so spirited in the way she lives and interacts with people. What she has shown me is how to be myself without even noticing she is doing it. My integrity has grown over this because she encourages who you really are. I've been brought out of my bubble of comfort, which is now even bigger, and I now do what I feel like doing. Instead of following the crowd. It's like I'm a way different person over all of this and I like it.


Tori is my mom. Since the first day, she has never left my side and always given me good advice. She has gone through a lot and I've noticed it because she doesn't have that support from her parents. My mom has always given me the truth. My integrity has grown because of being taught/seeing the right way of being truthful. Now when I'm around others I can't be the person that hides the truth. It all just comes out at once and there is no holding it back.


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