Energy Conversions By:Shreya

There are two types of energy.Potential and Kinetic.

There are 6 forms of energy. Electrical, nuclear, chemical, mechanical, heat, light.

Below is our test with the zip line. We tie the box on to the zip line using chemical and mechanical. You push the box a little and it will zip down to the food pantry.We get the chemical energy when we eat. And we use that energy and turn it into mechanical to move and tie the box.

Chemical, mechanical energy is used.It converts from chemical to mechanical. This meets the need of getting the boxes over to the food pantry without taking much effort.

If you look at the video above, it was kind of successful. We were almost able to get the box 12 in. across.

The improvements for next time are we will finish it in less time. We will make the holding loop a bit bigger and tighter so we can put the box in easier.

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