The devils Arithmetic Seth sepulveda

Character captain May 2nd

Connection building may 3rd

The holocaust sorta connects with today by the threat of two countries fighting over something that happened years ago. The two countries North america and North Korea are currently almost at war because of the people and the leader Kim Jong Un. the citizens in korea are at stake and so are the U.S citizens.

Exemplary evaluator May 4th

  • Was born february 11 1939
  • Lived in new york
  • Her father was a cafe journalist at the time
  • Her mother was a psychiatrist social worker
  • Father got a higher paying job so they had to move to California
  • But had to move back
  • Then her father had to go fight in WW2
  • Jane moved to a more prestigious school making her average
  • Jane's first kiss was her third cousin\
  • Went to smith college
  • Jane was an amazing poetry
  • Moved to new york again and became an editor after college
  • Jane has written over 300 books
  • Married David stemple
  • Jane has 3 children
  • Jane also has six children
  • Jane's husband died in march 2006
  • The title means one more day someone dies is one more day you wont get gassed
  • Jane is still alive today
  • almost all of janeĀ“s books has have been awarded some type of certifacation
  • jane said she based the book devils arithmetic off her own young life with her moving alot

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