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African Changemakers Network

The African Change Makers Network(ACN) is a network of social entrepreneurs that is working in a synergy to channel all services as an intermediary facilitator to breach boundaries between donors stakeholders in the social and economic transformation .


It is a story of Africa in virtual engagement depending deep . We want to translate to our network entrepreneurial skills as well as channel sponsors to startups and projects that seek to build and strengthen Africa from within. We wish to see a more united and integrated on a formidable of change-makers with innovative ideas and channel dreams to reality.

Beneficiary segments & positioning statement:

This is by youth and for the youths to improve their socio-economic status and their communities. We entrust trans-border connection and strengthen support from within and without . That is why we stand to see and ignite youth leadership and strengthen their efforts in their entrepreneurial journeys and changing African narratives.

Target and community perceived impact: 2017-1018

Engaging over 300 passionate change makers to realize their dreams for their communities.


Make sure Africa is rising from within ,enhancing accessibility to funding by channelling from donor agencies to local projects

empower local projects and ensure sustainability and link them to a network for transborder projects.

spice on collaboration of social innovation via partnership with youth leading the future of their community and shaping the destiny of the entire world by developing and building capacities of start-ups and ensuring` constant follow-up and relate the right and promising projects to the right partners.

This marketing plan is out to strategize and create and identify the right projects for ACN, Partners and also to develop a growth strategy of the organization, ensure it sustainability and proper management of the projects. It will set the goals and how to achieve them and divide the duties and scale them on a time plan and also include the channels of dissemination of information and how it should be not forgetting the brand pack specification.

Encourage integrated approach with all stakeholders in social entrepreneurship and to make sure youths are a solution than a problems as it was the past belief.

we remain forever connected and follow-up through social networking, fellowship, summits and exchange ecosystem events

Build a virtual school (a school in the cloud) for building capacities of aspiring future leaders for a common goal by Africa for Africa and local problem fitting best to local solution, change Africa to a solution than a problem and as well as youths , make youths players than spectators in the game of change and also boast prosperity in African states and make these states future a great international partner for development than a beneficiary.We need partnership that will make transfer of technology and see plants than distribution channels in local communities and exploit the cheap labour and reduce unemployment by implementing effective and sustainable development.

Africa strives for today and tomorrow :

-We do not limit to what youth can do but help to build continuous growth from their comfort zones and ensure the achievements of community needs, ensure ethics in socio-economic transformation and entrepreneurship and in a fusion of supports from national and international levels .

-Empower local talents, identify , resonate, mentor and inculcate a limitless anxiety for social transformation by building everlasting experience of a succeeding generation of startups to giants contributors of change in the future as we unleash and flush them out of their comfort zones.As a service provider we ensure we connect and work together for a greater impact as we create opportunities and meeting avenues. African Change Makers Network is a network of aspiring youths from today Africa that believe in “changing the African Story” and dream to reality through networking , partnership and collaboration hence the slogan ''...together for change".

Changing the story of Africa together with youth, donors and partners for the better. Lifting Africa as it grows from within. This African dream is coming true already and we invite you to be part of it. The realization process is in great partnership . The team have designed and must implement a digital marketing campaign in promoting the vision and enhancing the realization of the dreams of millennials . These Millennials are 40% of present Africa but in the next decades will constitute 100% of future"Mother Africa"

The Leadership team is led by Mme Mireille Mutshiminina as Chair Lady channeling her leadership into the committee leaders that is gender mixed. There is in house construction to track all members and officially document their profiles and also to take note of how to address their needs and the needs of communities.This operation will be fully implemented soon.

The name of the Organization comes from African Youths and their wish to see the world where Africa is free from poverty ,underdevelopment and UNEMPLOYMENT. Through the initiative of unity, partnership and youth leadership it is possible now. Imagine Africa a hub for innovation and development, a partner and not a beggar, a contributor and not a beneficiary.

African Youths are ready to lift Africa up and with you it is possible“The network is all set to hold the hand of every youth and in harmony contribute into all projects changing the Africa Story.


The Network has been doing a lot on social Media Platforms and training youths to promote social innovation.It carried out so many online knowledge ecosystem exchange events across the Continent. More information is found on our website. As part of their marketing campaign, we intend to customize weekly chats and promote various themes and facilitate online follow up .In 2016 several social platform events engaged hundreds of participants that have given us feed and a reason to change Africa as a priority as of now.

COMMUNITY SERVICE: E-Learning & meetups

This session for participants included interactive ecosystems exchange events live streamed across the network, activities that allowed them to express themselves while learning about various forms of strategies, innovative skills to boast total entrepreneurship to transform communities , matching business cultural and it degree of compatibility at various levels, and other important issues in social environment that can change the African Story via a holistic approach.

"Africa is now a business hub and ACN is out to match entrepreneurship with business”

Why joining us to empower Africa is so important?

Our network will not leave even a single issue. We engage youth at all levels projects. We trust you so kindly trust us too!


The events and training at every regional center will will not only include community project facilitators and members,donors and representatives of local and international organization but partners and communities also and their existing projects. Forming local alliances and using channels of partners to realize the dreams of the communities they all wish to serve with us.

By Bongwong Justin Berinyuy

Mother Africa

What African Changemakers Network targets for Africa is realistic and achievable.

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