There are seller traps & myths that can cost sellers tens of thousands of dollars and six months of their life.

Myth: You need to pay 6% to get a full service listing

Reality: It is not your parents real estate market. Buyers have incredible access to information as the real estate market, like other markets, have adjusted pricing to account for market efficiencies. The Casey Samson Team charges 4.5% to sellers. 2% the the listing agent (CST) and 2.5% to the selling agents. Based on the fact our listings sell 3 times faster than the average listing, the system works.

Myth: The Realtor promising the highest price is the best choice.

Reality: Hungry agents quote sellers higher prices to get the listing. Over pricing homes can cost sellers 9% of their homes value. Listing agents should be hired based on current track record.

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Myth: Appraisals or Zestimates are accurate estimates of value.

Reality: Appraisers prove values for Banks and do not sell homes. While Zillow is an effective search tool, Zestimates are inaccurate and misleading. Zillow has had multiple lawsuits files against the system. Their defense is free speech, not accuracy.

Myth: Agents promoting 2 billion in their real estate career.

Reality: As my father said, you are only as good as your next at bat. Some older agents rely on advertising from the 1980s. Newspapers and Magazines do not sell homes, they sell agents. Buyers are on the internet and effective presentation and exposure on social media is the most effective way to target buyers.

Realtor claim: If I can not sell your home, I will buy your home!

Reality: The price they will pay is 20%-25% less than fair value if marketed correctly. The most active agent promising to buy your home, had 75 withdrawn listings she did not buy in 2016.

Realtor claim: I have 8,000 buyers!!!!

Reality: The MLS and Internet have thousands of buyers. The Casey Samson Team SOLD 21.5% of our own listings. The Team with 8,000 buyers, sold 6.5% of theirs.

Realtor claim: We have an INTERNATIONAL MLS!!!!

Reality: The internet is international. All buyers, regardless of location, have access to Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com. Agents in China are not looking at homes in Oakton, Virginia. Clients see homes on the internet and work with local agents. International MLS is a MAJOR FALSE HOPE.

Results Count

The Casey Samson Team Sold:

  • 65 Homes in less than a week
  • 85 Homes in less than 30 days
  • Average Days on Market is 17 Days
Samson Properties #1 Team

Questions? Contact Casey direct at 703-508-2535 or email at Casey@CaseySamson.com.

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