Water Cycle By Saul camarillo

Hi my name is bob and im here to show you all i have to go through in life.

First i start in the ocean where all the water is and all the water has come down from the mountains that come down from clouds.

Then from the ocean it goes up to the sun which is called evaporation. Which it gives it to the clouds.

The sun gives it to the clouds which is called solar radiation Mostly every thing goes to the clouds for instance trees which is called transpiration.

The next step I have to go through is precipitation which is when I hit the ground.

Now I have 2 ways throught the run off which is where it travels through land.

The other way is infiltration which were it travels underground to the ocean.

Next I go through ground water and all the way to the ocean.

And that's really all I go through I just keep repeating and repeating.

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