Ameena Makhdoomi Script to Screen portfolio - spring 2017

I. Profile of Jobs/ Internship

AEG Live - Bowery Present - Summer 2017 Marketing Intern

Soft Skills: passionate, dedicated, energetic, resourceful and creative.

Hard Skills: Computer literacy in MS Office programs (or other programs if the position demands it, Adobe Photoshop, Acrobat, etc.); Strong understanding of social media platforms including: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Based on my previous social media experiences, I would talk about my resourcefulness in communications and literacy of multiple social media platforms and different programs.

McCann Health - NYC Summer Internship

Soft Skills: strategic, creative, integrated marketing services

Hard Skills: (I'm going to assume similar to AEG) Computer literacy in MS Office programs (or other programs if the position demands it, Adobe Photoshop, Acrobat, etc.); Strong understanding of social media platforms including: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Because this is an advertising agency, I would talk about the creative advertising and marketing techniques that I've done from social media work for my club, SoundShare, previous internships, and even back when I was a Street Marketer. The soft skills that I learned in the creative advertising techniques to catch the attention of college students and New Yorkers will definitely help in every process of creating advertisements for McCann Health. Strategy includes lots of collaborative communication to create a creative message and campaign. Afterwards comes the copy, photos, market research and campaign to continue spreading the message and ultimately have consumers buy the product.

Cognac One - Social Media and Digital Marketing Internship

Soft Skills: creative, detailed-oriented, support

Hard Skills: experience using Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Basic skills and knowledge of Photoshop and/or Illustrator. Wine courses from abroad; Certificate in Wine Studies.

Like the previous two internships, this internship relies on being able to be creative in communications amongst various social media platforms. My educational knowledge in wine is definitely a hard skill because of the wine courses I took when I was abroad. My previous job at Ravines Wine Cellars is both a soft and hard skill because I am able to talk about wine in terms of tastings and because of my training in the knowledge of the terroir.

II. Project Examples

Example #1: Miami Car - Color and Light Projects

I accidentally combined the color and lighting projects. The objective of the color project was to create cinematic color grading. The color style is supposed to convey a story, specifically (in this assignment) action films. The color scheme is mostly a teal and orange combination. The objective of the lighting project was to create depth and use the Lighting Effect filter to provide three-dimensional features.

The darkness that comes out of the shadows gives it the dark teal hue mentioned in the cinematic color grading. The orange skin color that is also mentioned comes from the lady in the green shirt on the sidewalk (back left of the car). The brightness of the light of the car was my biggest feature. I was trying to highlight the car and make it stand out from the photo. The shadows from palm trees, umbrellas, other cars, and underneath the vintage car all add to this highlight of the vintage car. The shadows also give it the dark appeal that would be similar to an action movie. This contrast both highlights the lighting from the car and the darkness from the shadows.

I am definitely satisfied with my results. It would be interesting to edit a photo from an action scene to incorporate the cinematic color grading. Since there is no action in my photo from Miami, it would be interesting to see how the color would intensify the story/ scene in the action sequence.

Example #2: President Obama and His Dog - Compositing 1 Project

The assignment was on compositing. There were several different components to this. The first is from the “10 Things You Need to Know About Compositing in Photoshop” handout. It talked about background and subject placement, having accessible stock photography, building a background image library, the importance of lighting, not showing feet, color to give a common theme, and plug-ins. The second is from “7 Essential Design Principles Star Wars Taught Us” from Infographic. The touched upon the importance of depth, contrast, negative space, perspective, symmetry, directional cues, and repetition. The last was from another handout that talked about the Illusion of Movement. The importance of this is to give it a three-dimensional aspect.

My approach was to use a picture of President Obama walking his dog. The movement is coming from the dog as the viewer can see Obama holding the leash tightly to portray the movement. I put this image in a background of trees. The depth of this image shows that the President and his dog can move around the photo. I was trying to accomplish the illusion of movement and depth within the photo while strategically placing the subject in front of the background.

I was a bit rushed to complete this project when I first worked on it and I rushed to cut out the image of President Obama and his dog. The outline of the two could have been refined better to show that the image was not taken from another. I also think the background could have been one that was a little more natural to the movement happening. The background has depth with the alignment of the trees. However, it does appear a bit unnatural since the President and the dog are not walking into the trees and are just walking past them. If I were to redo this assignment, I would be more careful when cutting out the President and the dog. I would also choose a more natural location – perhaps walking in a park on the sidewalk or something of the sorts.

III. Analysis of an Advertisement

Padre Hurtado - "You are the key" Campaign by Prolam Y&R

This advertisement has many different dimensions that make it a great advertisement. At first it feels like it is in a third-person view as the audience is looking at the photo and a boy is caged inside the man who is drinking on the street by himself. The photo (and campaign itself upon further research) has the components of the cinematic color grading. The dark tones of teal in the shadows helps contrast and highlights the white skin of the young boy in the foreground as well as the beige/ orange-y tone of the tagline and headline in the background. The Chilean charity, Padre Hurtado, wanted Prolam Y&R to present children locked up in cages of adult behavior to remind the viewer that (in this photo) behind every alcoholic - and potentially homeless person - there used to be a child who needed your (the average person) support. The tagline "You are the key" supports this because it addresses the viewer in second-person and addresses them by using the pronoun "You" and directing it straight to them. By putting the tagline in the background and highlighting it in the beige/ orange-y color, it draws the viewer's eyes from the darkness and important symbolic message with the caged child. I think this is a very effective strategy to keep the viewer's eyes moving and show the importance of the image and its relationship with the copy.

IV. Print Ad for Visual Campaign - Branding Exercise

My group included Tanner, Harry, and Kelsey. We did a lot of strategy work before we decided on the product and our message. We decided to do a stress relieving product because we personally we going into a time period of a lot of work and focusing on a stress relieving product fit in with the time and place of our lives personally. Then we decided to focus on a type of hygiene product - originally deciding on soap and then finalizing with shampoo. We decided to make our product a Chakra shampoo because each chakra has a different energy with a different color. Because of this, it was easy for us to relate each shampoo to a different color, thus a different chakra for stress-relief.

The name of our shampoo was to be called Body Balance - another way of incorporating the stress free and chakra elements by incorporating the "balance" representation. Our tagline is to "Wash away your stress" and each of our print ads has a shower head to literally "wash away" using the shampoo.

While we all had different representations of stress in each of our ads, I decided to use a photo of a woman with one side of her body showing her stress of balancing work, her phone, and drinking coffee/ tea. I edited the other side of her body (which had four more arms with different types of food) and put a beach in the background. I replaced her four arms with another image's one arm holding a drink. I then Photoshopped the image so it would show the balance of the woman between the work that she has to do and the fantasy illusion of her wanting to relax on a beach with a drink.

Therefore, this brings all the elements together of the woman washing away her stress. Although she has her work stress, she can wash her hair and the stress will go away and send her to the island to relax on the beach.

Our targeted audience includes everybody. There is stress in all aspects of life whether it be in school, work, personal stress, and others. This product is relatable to everyone and would be a benefit to society if it were real. I know I definitely wish I had it right now during finals week!!

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