Water scarcity in Sudan Dean wright-Miss yEo

Water scarcity is the reason not many people can survive out in the country.We all need water .Water is how us humans survive .Water scarcity is they don't have the right amount of water to meet the demands of it.You are limited to an amount of water you can use through out the day. We have fresh clean water when Sudan has non fresh water with bugs and all living parasites in it to make you sick.

EXPLAIN The factors causing water scarcity and patterns of water availability in North Africa.In Africa south of the Sahara, is predominantly rainfed, farmers' access to water is limited based on time to grow crops.

In 2006 there were 476 deaths caused by diarrhoea in just five months .Sudans water is not clean this can affect Africa's development and future.

This map shows there municipal supply Agriculture industry and reservoirs from 1950 To 2000.And how much of a population Africa has.

Flooding is mostly annoying in country's such as these 4 countries. Sometimes this is good because Sudan does not get enough water but sometimes the People hate it because they can't get around town and out to get water because they are trapped in there houses or in been swept away because of there tents or there small huts .

This is a climate graph on Sudan .The blue is the rainfall and the red is the temp.

Climate graph

Population density in Sudan where do people live.in Sudan it was 21.57 the population density.

There are few large towns in southern Sudan and most people live in small villages in round, thatched houses

Explain how these are connected there all connected because Sudan is very hot dry and is In the middle of the desert which causes this country water scarcity this way millions of people die almost every day because of it .these all connect together because of how the weather changes and how hot it is and how much rainfall there is .

Sudan is a very dry country because of how hot it is and because it is in the middle of a desert .And also because they are always changing landscapes because they don't get that enough amount of water that they need .

It's water sources are very important to them.The problem to them is that they don't get the water thy need and how can they survive.also another reason is that because they don't have that water they can't clean themselves and if you can't clean yourself you will be sick or maby even cause death by thirst.

Most of sudans currently accessible underground water is without surrounding country's.sudan utilises part of the Nile river basin but it use is not regulated by the government.


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