The Berlin Wall By jaden tatge and savannah greathouse

The Berlin wall was a large barrier made out of concrete. It stretched over 87 miles across West Berlin cutting off East Berlin. It was up from 1961 to 1989 when it was then torn down by the East German Military.
The year was 1945 and World War to had come to an end, Germany was conquered then divided into 4 areas by the Allied Powers. It closed off the borders between East Berlin and West Berlin.
The main reason why the Berlin Wall was built was said to keep fascists out of East Germany. Many citizens however believed the purpose of the wall was to prevent citizens from East Germany from entering West Germany. This caused many families to be separated and people often lost their jobs.
The wall went through different changes in it's time. It first was just a basic wire fence and then it became a more improved wired fence. Next it was turned into a concrete wall and finally the St√ľtzwandelement which had 45,000 sections of concrete. Many people tried to escape which at the time was a form of illegal immigration and a few people were shot for illegally crossing.
At last in 1989 on November 9th, the East German government declared that anyone could cross the wall and the entire population flooded the streets to collaborate and tear down the wall, reuniting friends and families.

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