C6712 Tows Kit Zahra ali

What the Project (TOWS) is ?

It's a kit that uses a direct oscillator and a piezo speaker

What the project does in general?

Create an obnoxious sound similar to a crazed woodpecker

How the current flows through the components in circuit?

The current flow through 3906 transistor collector to the base of the second transistor and the collector of the second transistor to disc capacitor to electrolytic capacitor to the horizontal trimmer resistor and the 220 k ohm resistor . Than to the second transistor 3904 and inverter transformer p. Than the current takes the way to the speaker

Explains the purpose/job of the different components?

The two transistor causes a feedback path. The second capacitor also helps sustain oscillations and the sound is controlled by the path of trimmer and the second resistor.

why/how the transistors is used

transistor is a semiconductor device used to amplify or switch electronic signals and electrical power.

why/how the transformer is used

A one to one transformer is used for electrical isolation. A transformer aren't electrically connected. Transformers can also used for matching the source impedance with the load impedance for maximum power transfer in various electronic circuits.

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Zahra Ali

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