Operation Christmas Child has already begun and it'll be a huge focus for our church this month! Last year, over 20,000 shoeboxes came through our church and this could not have been possible without the help of our dedicated volunteers! For more info, click HERE!

Generosity is evident in our church, especially in this year of uncertainty. We're a bit behind our original projections, but we have also been good stewards with the faithful help of our Church Board and our faithful Finance Committee. The mission continues! Giving our ‘tithe’ means giving the first 10% of our income. When we give, we aren’t just giving to God, we are acknowledging that everything we have is God’s to begin with: it’s from Him. All we are, everything we have is a gift from Him, and tithing is our opportunity to proclaim that God provides. It is our opportunity to declare that we have confidence that He will continue to meet our needs. We give out of surrender and obedience to Christ to further His mission. 

We are excited this month for the opening of our 18-35 months Nursery room at our Harrisonburg Campus! Pre-registration is required through the Church Center app. We are limiting the room to 7 children per service, so we encourage those who will use the nursery to sign up quickly. Remember to register each week to secure your child’s spot! (The nursery will be temporarily located downstairs in room H114)

Parents with children in Nursery or Kid's City will be encouraged to enter our main lobby upon arrival. Others simply joining us for worship will enter the foyer that leads directly into the worship center. Our rear lobby doors are currently for staff and volunteers only. Thank you!

We are transformed by God to bring hope to others through Christ! We're in the midst of bringing hope to a brand new zip code!

Join us in prayer as we continue through the process of securing a physical location for our new campus. We are continuing to build our team, so please let us know if you'd like to serve!

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