smart bite "Knowledge is one bite away"

mission statement

Our goal is to keep our communities smart and our students studiously active and provide a better future for generations to come.


The smart bite is a small, square granola bar that makes you smart as soon as you eat it. Take a bite while you are being introduced to something new or learning something different, you will instantly obtain all of the knowledge.


  1. Amores
  2. Lemon
  3. Apple caramel
  4. Berry yogurt

For every five boxes purchased, one is donated to Lunches of Love.

Even Natalie Portman eats smart bars.


For one box its $5.97.

For one individual bite it's $1.49.

contact information

Company name

Food Knowledge

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1725 Hamilton Ave, Orlando, Fl


Created with images by jeffreyw - "Mmm... raspberry breakfast bars"

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