Escape The Prison of Your Mind A 7 Day Course

In only 7 days this experiential course will help you to escape the prison of your mind.

A Detox For Your Mind

7 Days is all you need to learn simple, powerful, life changing skills and techniques to transform your life.

Look how peaceful I am.

What’s on offer?

  • Ever walk into a room and totally forget why you went in there?
  • Are you constantly feeling weighed down by your own thoughts?
  • Do you wake up at 2am, mind spinning with activity, worries and frustrations?
  • Are you often clumsy or careless? Always dropping and breaking things?
  • Perhaps you over react and get emotional at the smallest of things?

Do any of the above apply? Perhaps all of them apply? Do you feel like you are broken, lost or alone.

There is nothing wrong with you and this is not the way it has to be. You must simply become a master of your own mind.

I've designed this course to help you master that monkey mind and hold your hand along the way.

Is this course for me?

  • Imagine a world where you get a full nights sleep (no promises if you have a new born), where you can switch off and unwind without the need of a hot bath, spa day, or a trip to the gym to "blow of some steam".
  • Think what it would be like to have a handle on your emotions, be able to love and accept how you feel about yourself and others.
  • How would it feel to go about your day-to-day jobs feeling peaceful, calm and filled with joy? No niggling worries weighing you down.
  • Finally, would you like to feel lighter and freer without making huge changes in your life?

I have designed this course for one reason and one reason alone. To help you break free from the prison of over-thinking.

How does it all work?

Over the course of our 7 days together I will take you on a journey of self-realisation.

You will learn how to reconnect with yourself and remember what it was like to not live as a prisoner of your own mind.

Trapped in an over-thinking, over stimulated, over critical mind.

Each day I will guide you through a simple meditation, as well as ask you to complete a mind journal and set you some fun, mindful challenges.

Don’t worry, this will only take up about 15mins of your already busy lives.

I promise you, you need this. You deserve this. Give yourself permission to let go, de-stress and reconnect.

I’ll see you in there. I can’t wait!

The man behind the course

Jon Imondi is on a mission to help as many people as possible break free from the prison of their own minds.

This prison could be one of fear, stress, anxiety and even depression.

Freedom can be achieved by adopting the techniques that he has learnt over several years of practice and dedication.

Fear, anxiety, guilt, insecurity, low self-esteem, worthlessness? I could knock those out before I’d even gotten out of bed.

Once a sufferer of all the above Jon has a passion and an unwavering commitment to help others turn their lives around.

He knows only too well how critical it is to train our monkey minds, learn to embrace our thoughts and emotions, without judgement and be fully present in this moment.

Meditation is like the feeling of coming home. It is my wish that on this course, you experience that too.

"I believe that the world is heading into an epidemic. Never before have we seen such high levels of depression, stress, anxiety and most shocking of all, suicide. Especially in young adults and teenagers."

"I’m on a personal mission to teach the techniques I have learnt to as many people as I possibly can. My goal is to enable them to start living the lives that they truly deserve" - Jon Imondi


Jon Imondi

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