Mechanical Engineer Ty James


I am planning on majoring in Mechanical Engineering at college, which will help me apply my problem solving skills to real life situations

Tesla is an electric car company that was founded in 2003, not only does it specialize in electric vehicles but energy innovation as well. I like what this company does and want to be apart of it

Product Design Engineer

This is the official job title, and it's where my degree would be applicable. This job could be on many teams that work on projects towards the highlights of the car. It could consist of designing the automatic spoiler, smart headlights, or the retractable handles.

Pay & Benefits

This job has a starting salary of $75,000, and includes healthcare, 2 weeks vacation, and an employee discount.


Getting a job in this field is now easy feat, especially at a company like Tesla


The first step is getting a degree, the more the better. Being adaptable in a constantly adapting world is extremely valuable.


It's not likely that Tesla will hire me right out of college, so I'll need some experience. This could either come from internships, getting a job at a smaller company first, or starting my own start-up.


Knowing the right person could make the difference in getting the job or not, so I'll make sure to network while at college and other jobs.


First off , why am I interested in this job? Tesla, and companies like it, are paving the way for what tech companies can do. Not only is Tesla a car company, but also an innovator in renewable energy and is beginning to dive into other areas. I want to be a part of the revolution that Tesla is starting.

Why would I be a good fit for Tesla? Not only am I passionate about what this company is doing, but I will be able to help with what they are doing. I am planning on dual majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. This will make me an adaptable employee that will be valuable to a company.

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