Theodore Roosevelt Park Jessica Boaze & Michael Hampton

Theodore Roosevelt National Park is located in Medora North Dakota chosen to be the place in memorial to Theodore Roosevelt after his death in January 6, 1919.

Sylvane Ferris who was a friend and a Business associate to Theodore Roosevelt decided to appoint a committee to pick a site for his Memorial and Medora was selected

It was explored in 1924 by a party of 40 to outline the area for Theodore Roosevelt. Another tour happened a year later by "cowboys and Congressmen" and founded the "Grand Cannon of the Little Missouri"

The park covers 70,446 acres

Summers are warm temperatures in the 80's to 90's with a few days into the 100's with evenings being cool weather.

Tiger Salamander, Plains Spadefoot Toad, Plains Toad, Leapord Frog, American white Pelican, Wood Duck, Bison, Elk, Prairie Dogs, Feral Horses, and Longhorn Steers.

There are over 500 plants abundance of prairie plants provides impressive wildflower displays in the summer especially

Land-form is really hilly, has a lot on mountains, rocky areas, rivers, and even a miniature Grand Cannon.


Created with images by Grand Canyon NPS - "Grand Canyon National Park: (NR) Roosevelt Point 0239" • Matt-Zimmerman - "Bison in Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota" • cariliv - "41 Longhorns" • Loco Steve - "California's native plants display in Capitol park Sacramento" • - "hy1146.JPG"

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