Birds in Kentucky What birds live in my community?

Blue jays are 9-12 inches long, very smart and aggressive. They eat acorns, nuts, seeds and small bugs.

Blue jays make nests of grass, twigs, leaves and mud.

Blue jay eggs are about one inch long.

A blue jay can fly up to 25 miles per hour.

The cardinal is the state bird of Kentucky.

Cardinals are 8 to 9 inches long.

Cardinal eggs are 3/4 of one inch long. It takes 12 to 13 days for the eggs to hatch.

Cardinals eat insects, spiders, berries and seeds.

The black capped chickadee is 4 to 5 inches long.

Chickadees eat seeds, berries and insects. They also LOVE peanut butter!

Chickadee eggs are about half and inch long.

Chickadees often make nests in holes in trees. They sometimes nest in a space that has been left by a woodpecker.

The red headed woodpecker is about 8 inches long.

Woodpeckers make their homes in holes in trees.

They lay white eggs. The eggs are about one inche long.

Woodpeckers eat insects, spiders, worms, nuts, seeds and sometimes the eggs of other birds and mice.

The Kentucky Warbler is 5 to 6 inches long.

the Warblers nest

The warbler makes its nest of leaves, grass and twigs. Nests are usually on the ground.

Warblers lay small, white eggs speckled with brown.

The tiny ruby throated hummingbird is just three inches long!

baby hummingbirds

Hummingbirds make their stretchy nests of moss, bits of bark and lichen, grass, and spider silk.

Hummingbird eggs are the size of a small bean!

Hummingbirds eat nectar, tree sap, insects and pollen.

Robins are nine to eleven inches long.

They eat worms, beetles, grasshoppers, and berries.

Robins make nests of twigs and mud, lined with grass. They will also use strings, ribbons and other trash they find.

Robin eggs are blue and are about one inch long. That is about the size of a quarter.

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