Hard for my brain! Technology endorsement-cari frazier

I began these technology classes for two main reasons. The first reason being that I needed licensure points to be able to relicense my teaching certificate this year. More important than this reason, was the fact that I felt like I needed to move up to a different grade level in my teaching career. However, I know that technology is something that I struggle with, and I will always probably need more knowledge, support, time, support, practice (and did I say support) to manage and learn. I felt like if this next year was my year to move up, I needed more tools and knowledge in my toolbox of teaching to be better able to reach older students.

So, thus began my journey and adventure into the Technology endorsement classes. Honestly, I didn't think the assignments would be too hard, and I thought I had enough knowledge to be able to do a few tricks and projects. By night #1, I knew I was wrong. I walked in all happy with my Diet Coke in hand and ready to learn, and the tables were full of people typing and showing each other technology stuff they had done that day for their students. It was like people were speaking a foreign language, in fact they were--Technologeeze. I realized then that this class and endorsement were going to be tougher than I thought, and require a lot more time and effort.

I set a goal after I gave myself the "I think I can, I think I can" speech. I promised myself that I would do my best to show up, listen, learn, and do my assignments. It was only 4 months, and if I could come out knowing two programs or apps well, then this was knowledge I hadn't had before, and I would count that as success!

I admit that I am proud of myself! I feel almost childish in saying that aloud, or in a blog, but I worked hard this term. I tell my first graders almost every day that we have to do things that are hard for our brains, but that keeps them growing, and expanding. I have grown and expanded my brain this term. I have come out of this class with a love for two programs that I have used on multiple occasions with my class, and I know that I will use more in the future. These programs are PREZI and ADOBE SPARK. I would by no means consider myself a genius on these programs, or even a novice, but I can make lessons and accomplish a bit of a higher level on the SAMR model than when I began this class and cohort and I count that as a success!

Thank you to anyone reading this who helped, held my hand, or offered Diet Coke during this term.

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