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Week One User Experience

Adobe Generation Pro UX UI Assignment One: For Class 1, Identify a problem that you would like to solve as part of this UX course. Over the course of this week, find a time to conduct some observations or chat through some questions with people who would be users of this.

My long term goal in learning about user design is to create multimedia courses for young adults who are blind. I would like to create an application that helps kids to learn that they are entitled to make their own decisions, that they are able to make their own decisions, and that they will benefit from making their own decisions.

This is self-determination, like a country becoming independent from its colonial history and culture, becoming more and more of what it wants itself to be.

Making sense out of raised dots is just one part of the tactile experience. Braille is beautiful, but other modalities are also good.

This tactile depiction of a large city, I believe, Oxford, England, is a multimedia display. Some see it, some get the picture tactually. It is an outdoor display, and this particular day, the metal map looks frosty. A user would experience it differently on days that are warm, different again when it is hot outside.

Ukelele love

Another major consideration for me is to make the course satisfying in its audio design. This might include a pleasant click with turning the course page, a swirl of bells for success, a raucous buzz for an error. I don't think I can add sound to my spark page....but I can to my online or app-based course.

Please visit again when you can stay longer.


Created with images by danbuck57313 - "ABlind-Failure" • adactio - "Braille wine label" • alexbrn - "Cambridge: Cold to the Touch" • Sunset Alliance - "Before Braille - Band Circle" • Pexels - "flower guitar sky"

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