Turtle Mysteries By: Amberlyn and Tatem

All turtles are reptiles, big and small, skinny or fat.

What do turtles eat? Since turtles are omnivores they eat fruit, plants, insects, other animals, and some eat poisonous jellyfish.

This is a turtle eating a tomato

Where do turtles live? Some turtles live in deserts, others live in rainforests, temperate forests, grasslands, lakes, ponds, rivers, swamps, and coral reefs.

These are the turtles in their habitats

How long can turtles live for? Some turtles live for 10 to 25 years, and others live for over 150 years.


How long does it take for a baby turtle to come out of its egg? It takes about 8 to 10 weeks after they are laid.

baby turtle

When do turtles become adults? Once turtles reach 70 percent of their maximum size they are considered an adult.

This is an adult turtle

Turtle life cycle video



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