The Audio-Visual Collective IU South Bend's Electronic Music Ensemble

The Audio Visual Collective (AVC) is the front facing ensemble of the Electronic Music Ensemble course at Indiana University South Bend. AVC has been and continues to be a student-driven and faculty supported collective focused on developing live audio-visual performances through technology (which has so far included coding, patching, and animation, as well as digital, analog, and traditional instrumentation). The ensemble performs, composes, and investigates works for Live Audio Visual Ensembles. The AVC defines Live Audio Visual Ensembles as those that perform works meeting the following requirements:

  • Works involve performative media (Live)
  • Works involve at least two media (Audio & Visual)
  • Works involve at least two performers (Ensemble)

About the AVC

In past years the ensemble has premiered and performed works written by members of the ensemble as well as guest composers from around the country. The ensemble regularly presents open studio concerts at the end of each semester and performs annually at the Performing Media Festival. They have also presented works at the Midwest Media Arts showcase, the South Bend Museum of Art, Langlab Studios in South Bend, and Ball State's Electronic Ensemble Summit.


  • Joseph Rocco: Rotator Go
  • Eric Souther: Agentive matter
  • Jeremy Tittle: Bicycle Day
  • Ryan Olivier: Tune U.P.
  • Josie Squadroni: WWEME
  • Katie Madonna Lee: Blistering Light
  • Jon Carton & Colton McNutt: Seaside
  • Jared Herron: Nine Steps
  • Adam Kolacz: Rainbow Vesper
  • Eric Souther: Visual Vocabularies
  • Katie Madonna Lee: Technicolor Splendor Remix
  • Jessica Carter: Storming the Mechanic
  • Jared Herron: VHS/DVD
  • Jeremy Tittle: Unity
  • Ryan Olivier & Eric Souther: Intermedial Improvisation
  • Ryan Olivier: Richter Remix
  • Joo Won Park: PS Quartet No. 1
  • Kristina Warren: Listening Not Guaranteed
  • Eric Honour: Murmurations on Palestrina
  • Ralph Lewis: DuoTube
  • Edward Stumpp: Shapes, Lines, and Particles
  • Ben Ward: Piano Quintet
  • Mike McFerron: Myopic Phantasy
  • Joo Won Park: Dubious Toppings

AVC History

The Audio Visual Collective was founded in 2016 by Eric Souther, formerly with the Department of Integrated New Media Studies (INMS) at IU South Bend, and Ryan Olivier from the Department of Music. For the first year, the AVC was simply a group of like minded individuals investigating the cross-pollination multimedia performance practices. During that year the ensemble settled on its mission and was established as a course. In many ways the AVC owes its existence to the work of David Barton, Professor Emeritus at IU South Bend, who for decades ran the Electronic Music Ensemble at IUSB and still regularly performs improvised electronic music as part of PLATO and the Western Tradition. The AVC continues the legacy of the Electronic Music Ensemble as a performing ensemble course within the music department dedicated to exploring the use of technology for artistic performance.

AVC Alumni

  • Eric Souther (Co-Founder/Co-Director)
  • Joseph Rocco
  • Bryan Lewis
  • Evan Bennet
  • Jonathan Carton
  • Jared Herron
  • Katie Madonna Lee
  • Alec Radecki
  • Matthew Miller
  • Jessica Carter
  • Kathleen Kohn
  • Trevor McDonald
  • Quin Wezeman
  • Jeremy Tittle
  • Justin Meister
  • Colton McNutt
  • Mykale Williams
Created By
Ryan Olivier