All Saints CE Primary School 22nd APRIL 2020 Newsletter

A message from Miss Prokipczuk

Welcome back to the start of the Summer term. I'm sure you will agree that it feels odd! The teachers and support staff are missing coming into school and we are all missing seeing the children. Whilst we don't know the direction that this term will take, we do know that we are all on this journey together. It's a privilege to see so many examples of the school community pulling together and being a 'shining light' in our locality at this time. Our school is not just a place where academic learning takes place but a place where everyone has an important part to play and a place where we look out for each other. Let's continue with this! Stay strong everyone and I look forward to the time when we are all back together.

All Saints are FAMOUS!

Get yourself a copy of The Hinckley Times today or download from the app because WE ARE FAMOUS!

We are all so proud of our school and want to thank you for the lovely comments on the back of our little video! We hope it has given you all a boost . How lovely that the local newspaper has recognised how brilliant our school community is!

Of course, we couldn't have done it without the fabulous talents of the staff, including our new class teacher, Mrs Hirons! Mrs Thompson is still with us, but is focusing on her SEND Coordinator role across our hub of 3 schools. So, Mrs Hirons will join Miss Carvell in Pine and I know you will join us in welcoming such a talented and lovely member of staff to All Saints.


Google Classrooms

Welcome back after a very different Easter break! New activities should have started appearing on your Google Classrooms now for you to enjoy if you would like.

Just a reminder that the main reason we have chosen Google Classrooms is so that we can keep in touch with you all through the Weekly Reflection Log. Please could we ask that you ensure this is accessed where possible, even if it is just a couple of lines.

We have had a lot of "requests" to edit documents. I am working my way through them as best I can but please note that you do not need to "submit" documents such as the Weekly Reflection Log. This means the document stays "open" and you can continue to edit it. Your class teacher can see any changes you make as they happen, even if it isn't submitted. If you are struggling to edit a document such as the Weekly Reflection Log, then try "unsubmitting" it.

If you get stuck with Google Classrooms please email helpmrsp@asasps.org and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Mrs Palmer

We look forward to welcoming our next Little Acorns

Parents and carers up and down the country found out where their little ones would begin their primary school journeys last week.

We are delighted to be welcoming lots of new Little Acorns in September to All Saints.

Just to let you know that, due to our new build, we do still have some spaces at All Saints for September. Please share the word with any families who you hear of who didn't get a place.

Home Ideas


At school we love singing some of these songs from Out of the Ark. At this time they are releasing seven songs, one for each day, all with challenges and activities related to each song. Every week for the next few weeks they will continue to add songs and resources.


The company Mercer have produced this activities pack. It has some great ideas in and also includes a list of online museums and attractions such as zoos which you can visit from your own home.


Run every year by the Association for Science in Education (ASE) in partnership with the Royal Entomological Society, the ever popular Great Bug Hunt competition takes science learning out of the primary classroom and brings it to life in the outdoors. Turn your daily exercise or garden adventure into a bug hunt in order to win prizes for your class.


The fabulous Barefoot Computing have released some great activities for families to do in the new "homelearning" part of their website. Lots of the suggested activities are to do with "Computational Thinking" and don't even need a device!


Mr T on YouTube has some great videos for phonics with Geraldine the Giraffe. Mrs Palmer's niece finds them hilarious so hopefully it might make the kids chuckle if nothing else!!

Mr T does also have some videos for older children involving Grammar and Punctuation.


This site is currently free to sign up to. It has LOADS of activities for children to try to help them revise their maths, grammar, spelling, reading and even history knowledge!

Happy Birthday from all at All Saints for this week goes to ...

Finley and Emilia in Year 1

Jamie and Jessica in year 5

Mila in year 2

Eli in year 3

We hope you have a lovely day!

Messages from Staff

Hello there everyone! I hope you are all ok and have had a lovely Easter. I am very excited to be a new teacher at your school. I will be teaching Pine class in year 3 and 4 with Miss Carvell. How exciting! It is so lovely to see you working in the online classroom submitting some fantastic work! Those of you who already know me will know that I love music and drama! I have been spending lots of time singing at home and I have also been making some performing arts video lessons for you all to watch and join in with. I am sad that I cannot be in school at the minute with you and I am sure you are too. I am finding it hard at home because I miss my friends and family. However I have been enjoying some beautiful walks each day with my dogs and I have been getting lots of housework done. I hope that you are all finding lots of things to do at home and maybe you are learning lots of new things like how to cook. I know some students have been gardening. I look forward to catching up with you soon and hearing about all of the things that you have been up to. Keep smiling children and I will see you soon! Mrs Hirons


Hello everyone, Mrs Barton here! I just want to say I hope you are all well and staying safe! I really hoped we’d be back at school after Easter but it looks as though we will have to wait a while longer. I’m thinking about you all and missing school lots. It’s been strange teaching my own children at home, instead of teaching a class - as a joke they call me ‘Mrs Barton’ instead of ‘mum’ and I mark their work in a green pen like they are my real pupils! To be honest, we quite enjoy it and there are lots of activities online for us to try. We’ve also been on lots of long walks across the fields, and bike rides around the village. I rode past school the other day and saw everyone playing outside in the playground! One of my favourite weekly jobs is looking at all the photos and work from Ash class - I’m so pleased to see the children having fun and enjoying the work we set. I’m keeping everything crossed that we will be back at school as soon as possible. Until then, stay safe. :)


Hi all Saints! I hope you're all happy and healthy and enjoying being at home with your families. It was a very stange Easter but that didn't stop me from eating a lot of chocolate! We've been so blessed with the weather however it seems that I cannot manage 30 minutes in the sun without getting burnt (even with sun cream on). I've been keeping myself busy by reading 'The Book Thief', going on short walks and winning back to back Premier League titles with Everton on FIFA! It's very strange not being at school, I definitely miss it and the structure it brings to life. However, in the meantime I challenge you all to the 5K running challenge. I managed to run (if you could call it running) it in 36 minutes. I know I can do better so I'm definitely going to get that time down over the coming weeks. Can you beat my time? Mr Duncan


Hi everyone! I hope you have had a really lovely Easter and have been enjoying the sunshine. I have been walking our (very big!) nine month old puppies, Murphy and Storm, with my family. We have been trying to find different walks across the fields so that we don't meet too many people on our travels. I have loved reading Pine class' Weekly Reflections and seeing what you've all been getting up to. It is very strange not seeing you all. I miss you making me giggle and listening to your stories. Stay safe everyone. . Mrs. Thompson


Hello everyone, and especially Conifer class! As you can guess, this has been a terrible time for me as I try and stop myself from eating all the pies in the fridge! I have done a lot of walking since we stopped going to school, a bit of reading and sometimes some work. The hardest bit about not being at school is missing the conversations I have with you all. I am really enjoying what you have worked on in our online classroom, and I am proud of how hard you are all trying - keep it up. I can't wait to see you all again in the classroom. Keep exercising, keep reading, keep looking after each other. Mr Wyness


Hope everyone is well. I am keeping busy in the garden and planting lots of flowers and vegetables, as well as doing my homework like you. I'm keeping in touch with my family and friends with video calls, even managing a weekly quiz on -line with the family. Missing seeing you all and hope we can get back to normal soon. Take care everyone. Mrs Walker Xxx


Hello All Saints!!! Hope you all had a lovely Easter and got lots of chocolate 😊(The easter bunny was kind to me and brought me a little bit! 🐇). I hope you've all managed to get outside and enjoy the lovely weather - I have been riding my bike and spending time in the garden. I have seen and heard how hard you are working on google classrooms, keep it up! We do miss seeing your faces everyday, but stay safe, and we will see you soon! Love, Miss Fraser xxx


Hi all, By now, if you have been reading my notes that accompany my topic assignments, you will realise I love being out in the garden when the weather is warm and sunny. During the Easter holidays I spent most of my time catching up on lots of jobs. It was hard work but very satisfying. I am like Oliver who said he and his brother love to play in the mud.

Having had a good break, like you, I was ready to get back to doing some schoolwork. One of the first pieces of work I read this week was a prayer written by Honor thanking God, it made me think about how thankful I am for my garden which provides me with hours of hard work, but also great pleasure. It also reminded me of all of you and that time at the beginning of the school year, in October, when we all ventured outside into the school gardens, the weather wasn’t quite as good as it is now, but we were still able to find amazing things which we took photos of and made posters for our display board. We thanked God for all that nature provides us and like Honor I am thankful that we have all remained safe and can enjoy and be amazed by God’s natural world.

By the way I am extremely excited because I have just discovered a robin’s nest with two tiny eggs. I can feel a new topic assignment coming. Best Wishes, Mrs Willis.


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