To Kill aMockingbird By: Mary Ferguson

I find myself asking what it was like for Harper Lee to grow up in the southern United States during the time period of 1930's-1960's? Good question...
The Great Depression was a very "Depressing" time for the Americans who lived in the 1929 through 1939 (No pun intended), What is the Great Depression? well its pretty self explainable by the name. People were worried that they couldn't make ends meet so everyone was "Down and Out" on their luck and financial profits because of nine thousand banks failed during the months following the stock market crash of 1929 which is what left people with no money and no hope.
According to The New Deal was a group of U.S. government programs of the 1930's. President Franklin D Roosevelt started the programs to help the country recover from the economic problems of the Great Depression. Did President Franklin D Roosevelt end the great depression? According to Burton Folsom Jr. and Anita Folsom from he did not end the great depression it is known as a myth for him actually ending the great depression permanently-"Not during the 1930's, and only in a limited sense during WWII."
The women's rights movement is the fight for the idea that women should have equal rights with men. I don't think it was easy for Harper Lee growing up during the time of Women's rights because she was seeing her mom, aunts, grandmas, peers being mistreated due to having very little rights compared to the men who could pretty much do whatever they pleased. Not only was the Women's Rights movement about what they were able to do but it was also about not getting equal pay, we weren't even able to vote!? can you believe that? shocking right. Women were discriminated towards so they couldn't work but when they did. Women were underpayed for the amount of work they put into their task.
You may know some stuff about discrimination and some you might not. Harper Lee grew up during the time of discrimination and i don't think it would've been easy for her because of human beings being judged by not only their skin color but their appearance, rich or poor, age, gender many many other ways also. Imagine growing up being judged for something you were born with, something you cant change about yourself and one day someone tells you for example "You are short for you age when are you gonna grow?" "You're nothing but a stumpy little carrot" then after hearing that your self esteem is shot to the ground. Then you start to believe that you aren't good enough and you want to change to be like the others so they don't have a reason to single you out. I'm wondering why people would put someone down because of how they look, everyone's different we cant help what genes we got from our parents.
RACISM. Take a minute to think about what follows along with that word. What comes to mind? I think of people being separated due to race including with neighborhoods,Schools, water fountains, bathrooms and a lot of other things too. Can you believe people can be so mean to each other? Heartbreaking i know. Harper Lee's Father was an Attorney so watching the news every night was a big part of her life. growing up watching on tv how mean human beings can be to other human beings, seeing what kind of world she is living in. I know i would be mad, mad at the people who hated other races, mad at the people who didn't see that white and colored people can be equal. I wouldn't want to grow up thinking that is how its always gonna be.

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