Persnickety Prints The BIRTH STORY

As a young child, Persnickety founder Chari Pack found joy in documenting life through photos. Babysitting money was used for film and developing. In the 5th grade, she took it upon herself to publish a DIY styled yearbook by gluing highlight photos she'd taken throughout the year with her 110 camera. She sold the yearbook for $2.50.

In 2007, and 3 small boys later, Chari embraced digital imaging and learned photoshop to document her families memories.

Chari would design digital 12x12 "scrapbook" pages but couldn't find quality archival prints that were also affordable. After her long search, she saw a need and created her own.

After 2 failed attempts with business partners, Chari started over again in 2010, this time on her own. She maxed out car loans and a credit card to launch Persnickety Prints.

2010- installing the Persnickety Prints sign using the companies first logo

Chari built her brick & mortar store with her own funding & the love of quality photos. Photo labs were closing, but she saw the vision and took advantage of the economic crisis by buying up used fixtures. The customer service desk from the local Borders Bookstore has been transformed 2x and still sits in the Persnickety Prints lobby today.

New 2018 Location | Borders Bookstore Counter Facelift: Reclaimed Wood

After years of perseverance, determination and hard work, Persnickety Prints grew over 500% in the first 3 years and was nominated as one of Utah Valley's Fastest Growing companies 2 years in a row.

Utah Valley Business | Fastest Growing Company 2014 & 2015

Today, Persnickety Prints is a thriving company, shipping thousands of photos a day all over the world, and giving back to the community in many ways.

Chari is most grateful for her dedicated staff who strives to help every customer with impeccable service. Persnickety lab techs optimize every image as it's printed and thoroughly quality check every order before it ships.

Storytelling, documenting life's most precious memories, and the people is Chari's passion. She spends much of her time quality checking & training her team, teaching photo classes, marketing, innovating new products, sharing her success story with others and continually striving to improve the photo industry for the customer.

Because at Persnickety Prints, it's always about the customer.