Make a photo... Nancy (jiatong) yu

Make a photo, which ask a question never asked before------High academic ranking, or high character?
Make a photo, twenty years into the future------Each flag represent an era, which one is for twenty years later?
Make a photo, which make the ugly beautiful------With a right angle, dead leaf can become strong.
Make a photo, of the world the way you want it to be------The world is open, and the road is long.
Make a photo, of something never seen before------These papers...are assignments that the Chinese students need to finish within two days.
Make a photo, which reflects a fear------Is anyone living up there?
Make a photo, which makes the familiar unfamiliar------This is a zoo. Is this a zoo?
Make a photo, which takes you to a place you've never been before------Beyond the clouds, a different world is just over there.
Make a photo, which......
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Nancy Yu

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