MAPS Newsletter 20th march 2020

Here is some positivity from the staff at MAPS

A message to our wonderful MAPS community.

As you can well imagine, finding the correct words at a time like this is a challenge.

We, as the MAPS team, stand at this time of uncertainty with an air of disbelief. The unfolding of events globally and nationally has led to us writing letters to we never dreamt we would have to send – letters of imminent, partial and full closure.

The decision was made nationally to ensure safety of our most vulnerable and to create positive impact upon the issue of the COVID-19 virus. Something we completely support and encourage to allow for things to get better.

I would like to thank many groups and individuals personally and the words do not say enough.

To the David Ross Education Trust, for ensuring we receive every update immediately, supporting decision making and offering advice to all staff in all capacities.

To the staff at MAPS, you have amazed me with your warmth, selflessness, team work and relentless attitude to delivering a fantastic online learning platform, supportive phone calls to families, ensuring we remain open for key workers and supporting each other without complaint or hesitation.

To the families of MAPS, for being considerate of the situation, for being patient and supporting the hard work of everyone. This has meant we, as a school, have been able to work to ensure that all children have what they need at this time. Your kind words of support, ‘just checking you’re ok’ comments and friendly attitude is showing the strength of the MAPS community and is truly appreciated.

To the children of MAPS, you are a beacon of optimism and we look to you every day – you are an inspiration. Keep being you!

We may not see you every day now for a while, and we may be ‘closed’ but our support is open. We are still here to care. Please use the resources given to you. Look after each other at this time and take the necessary action so that you are all safe and well.

Have Fun. Smile.

We cannot wait to see you soon and resume business as usual.

Many, many thanks,

J.D. Hives

Mrs Bailey - Penguins

Mrs Smith - Robins

Mrs Cooke - Foxes

Mrs Headworth - Tigers

Mrs Barre - Badgers

Miss Elliman

Mrs Smyth - Panthers

Mrs Marshall

Mrs Pheasant - Lions

Miss Brown - Leopards

Miss Brown also had a lovely one from a child's learning today -

This is a challenging time for all and working from home is challenging but I keep telling myself "It will be fine and I will manage."

Mrs Pyrah - Robins: If you see someone without a smile today, give them one of yours

Mrs Summers - Robins: You can’t go back and change the beginning but you can start where you are and change the ending

Mrs Schreiber - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pC5r_EhH13E&feature=share

Miss Wade - Throw kindness around like confetti

Miss O’Reilly - You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream