One's-self I Sing by walt whitman


The view of the speaker of the poem "one's-self i sing" is a normal human who sees the world different. The poet sings of the self "a simple separate person,"as to him seeing it as part of the "the word democratic," representing the whole mass of people.Singing of "the forms complete," Also relating all male and female to be equal and together.With that it talks about "of life immense in passion, pulse, and power," how cheerful life is full of passion with the pulse and power of each person has to be happy till their say is over. Describing how people are beautiful as well.


poem is really a preface to all the others in Leaves of Grass. Whitman says he will sing of all physiology to the branch of biology meaning to dealing with the functions and processes of living organisms, for neither the physiognomy ,nor the brain is worthy of being celebrated independently. Listing the subjects and themes he will deal with: "One's-self" -the unit of self or individuality, "physiology . . . the Form complete" (the kinship of the body and the spirit which he will emphasize throughout Leaves), and "Life" — in short, the "Modern Man," who, according to Whitman, is conscious of "self" but at the same time is being part of the large mass of democracy.

He creates a poet with beauty but fear to the muse appeared to him.and the main important words with he first letter capitalized,trying to tell the reader this is us and our earth we sing to.With an image of how" life immense in passion, passion, and power." each person has to be happy till their day ends which they might not ever know. passion comes from the greek meaning suffer, meaning in the poets poem referring to life is like a place you suffer but also have pulse in life you race to life like someone running a marathon and having a rate which your heart beats.but life also comes with power which many people may take advantage of it or may not. Always be cheerful of life as the "the law divines,"means to proceeding directly from god or a god.


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